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DJI Phantom drones - accessories and drones

If you are interested in drones, this category is for you! We present the highest quality DJI Phantom series drones.

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The Chinese brand DJI has gained a strong position in the flying constructions market for over a dozen years. The drones created by DJI are high-class video filming platforms and are used even by the most professionals. At the headquarters of DJI located in Shenzen, often referred to as the Chinese "Silicon Valley", DJI Inspire and DJI Phantom drones are being produced with an attention to every detail. DJI has been operating since 2006, but is now probably the most recognizable drone manufacturer in the world. The latest model of the second mentioned group of products is already the fourth Phantom drone in the offer of the Asian tycoon.

DJI Phantom drones are excellent, professional flying devices. They are used for both recreational and business purposes. Emergency services and police from many countries around the world reach for them. Phantom series models are equipped with modern cameras that have a diagonal length of up to 1 inch and a lens of 20 Mpx (depending on the specific model). Choose a drone that works for everything. Professional DJI Phantom drones are waiting for their new owners.

DJI Phantom drones – Standard, Advanced and PRO

As you have probably noticed by browsing our products in this category, DJI Phantom drones are available in several variants - Standard, Advanced and Professional (PRO). Thanks to this, they can meet the expectations of enthusiasts, amateurs and professionals alike.

Some are used as entertainment. Others are used for filming in the highest quality and resolution. Other DJI Phantom PRO drones are used in various professional cells (they are used by uniformed services, emergency services, scientists and shipping business, but not only).

The first DJI Phantom drone models were already very attractive. This also applies to exceptionally good quality cameras and stable flight. Third and fourth versions are also currently being produced. Many of these devices are able to work in the temperature range from -10 to even 50. One battery charge is up to 25 minutes of continuous flight. The drones are durable, but also light (under 1.2 kg), so you can transport them comfortably in the car or using a special backpack! Currently, the DJI Phantom 3 and 4 models are the biggest sensation among quadrocopter enthusiasts.

The DJI Phantom 3 – no doubts you will be satisfied

The DJI Phantom 3 standard version is equipped with a 12 Mpx camera and 4000x3000 resolution. It also offers three video recording modes in the 2.7K, HD and full HD standard. When it comes to live broadcasts, the user receives movies with very good parameters: 720 p and 30 frames per second. The aircraft can fly at a maximum speed of 57 km / h. The Professional version of this model is offered with a 12.4 Mpx matrix (in fact this gives 0.76 million pixels more than in the standard version), and ultra HD appears among the available recording modes. The maximum movie transmission speed has also been increased - from 40 to as much as 60 Mb / s. And how do these parameters look in the fourth installment of DJI Phantom?

The fourth generation of DJI Phantom – what’s new?

The fourth generation Phantom drone in the standard version provides the ability to record video in both 2.7 K, full HD and ultra HD, and 4K quality. Among the shooting modes, HDR and burst mode at up to 14 frames per second also appear. The fourth-generation professional version of Phantom brings such new features as OcuSync transmission. It consists in the fact that the device itself searches for frequencies that minimize interference. Switching to the correct frequency band is now automatic. In addition, the DJI Phantom PRO 4 is a drone with the Burst Mode option that allows you to create a whole series of photos, as well as the option of mechanically adjusting the camera shutter speed. What is more, we have received Flight Autonomy system which makes steering much more comfortable and safe (if automatic obstacle avoidance can still be considered as a control system!)

The maximum speed of this drone is up to 75 km/h. The modernized design of the propellers and power supply makes the flight quieter, and therefore more comfortable for the user and the environment.