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DJI Phantom spare parts

DJI is one of the largest robotic companies producing drones and robots in the world. DJI's headquarters are in Shenzhen. DJI specializes not only in the production of unmanned aerial vehicles, popularly known as drones, but also action cameras. In addition, it offers gimbals, stabilizers and educational robots, as well as many other electronic and robotic accessories.

Along with robots and drones, it is necessary to provide users with the necessary accessories and spare parts. In this category, we present the latter - proven and reliable, original spare parts for DJI construction. When you buy in Botland, you can be sure that you get original spare parts that will 100% fit your drone model or other device. In the case of such highly advanced mechanical structures, there is no risk of buying a fake. Try Botland products now and enjoy their total reliability and completely trouble-free operations!

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Top case of DJI Phantom 4

Original DJI Phantom 4 drone top cover in white. Spare part for the DJI drone.
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Index: INN-15372
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DJI – world leader in the production of fine quality drones

The Chinese East Coast company DJI has been a leader in the civilian drone market for years. Its share in world sales of this type of devices is as high as 70% (of all devices of this type in the world). The company is constantly developing, thanks to which new, even more advanced models are created. DJI drones are divided into several groups, and each type of drone is dedicated to a different target group.

One of the most popular groups is the DJI Phantom drone series. This Phantom series enjoys consistent popularity. These machines are especially appreciated by people who use drones for commercial use. These constructions have been equipped with the latest sound and image recording sets and many other technologically advanced modules. Currently, drones are used by both professionals and hobbyists, incl. for recording and taking spectacular videos and photos. Advanced DJI Phantom drones are equipped with a range of sensors to prevent collisions and other events. These are machines for special tasks that will certainly not let you down.

DJ Phantom – spare parts

DJI Phantom is an extremely popular series of drones equipped with a high-quality camera. Thanks to it, you can record detailed aerial shots, even in difficult lighting conditions, which later look phenomenal, like a professional film. Moreover, the recorded video is highly stable and the possibilities of changing the image parameters are very large.

Certainly, DJI machines are reliable, but sometimes humans are not. Anytime a collision can happen, no matter what equipment we use. Smaller or larger collisions often occur. In this case, spare parts prove to be irreplaceable.

In this Botland electronics store category, you will find original spare parts for DJI Phantom drones. The propellers may be partially or completely damaged during a fall, impact or improper transport. Then the best solution is to use spare parts. Original parts will make the drone regain its usability and functionality in 100%. The propellers offered in the Botland store are extremely light, but still they are characterized by high strength and resistance to external factors. Thanks to the Quick Lock technology, their assembly is easy, quick and, above all, does not require special skills.

Professional spare parts for DJI Phantom

In Botland you will find original parts, new and used in warranty services. Thanks to them, each user can be sure that the drone will work properly again in 100% and that he does not bear any risk.

Spare parts for DJI are elements that are characterized by a long service life. Thanks to this, you will certainly be able to enjoy your machine for a very long time. By choosing original parts for drones, you minimize the risk of further collisions (non-original or used parts will be less efficient, and may not completely match your drone model).

When you buy in Botland, you can be sure that you are getting the original product, free from hidden defects. If you need spare parts for the DJI Phantom drone, check the wide offer of the Botland store now. We encourage you to check the offer of wings and motors for drones, spare batteries for drones, construction bodies. See also the kits for transporting your drone. If necessary, just contact us by phone or email!