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DJI Phantom control equipment

DJI Phantom drones are commonly associated with the latest flying structures with amazing possibilities. No doubts, these machines have amazing digital and physical capabilities. Perfect propeller alignment, excellent control parameters, artificial intelligence mechanisms, a number of professional sensors. Well, the advantages of DJI Phantom could be changed for a long time.

The most popular quadcopter models are equipped with modern cameras that enable the creation of films in the highest resolution and professional aerial photography. As the technological advancement of drones increases, so are the requirements for the controllers used to remotely control these devices. Flight controllers are the most important devices from the user's perspective, as they directly affect what we can do by controlling our DJI Phantom. And there are many possibilities, which is guaranteed by the latest equipment – innovative DJI google from DJI (Racing version is also available). They will allow you to fly into the air without taking your feet off the ground! Check the details below and choose this phenomenal product for yourself or your loved ones.

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DJI Goggles Racing - Multimedia FPV goggles

FPV Goggles  compatible with the video transmission module OcuSync and the camera module at a distance of up to 7 kilometers. They are lightweight and made out of comfortable...
Index: ROB-12215
Index: ROB-12215
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DJI Goggles - Multimedia FPV goggles

FPV Goggles designed for DJI phantom series, Phantom, and Mavic drones. They are also suitable for other devices with HDMI. They are lightweight and made out of comfortable...
Index: ROB-09344
Index: ROB-09344
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Ultramodern DJI Phantom controllers – unlimited possibilities

The flight controllers for the DJI Phantom are more than just a set of buttons and joysticks. These are innovative devices that allow not only to control the drone, but also support undisturbed image transmission. The OcuSync system has been implemented in the latest drones constructed by the Chinese manufacturer DJI (the company has the largest share in the global production of drones). DJI Phantom controllers are fully compatible with OcuSync and provide the best data transfer conditions. In order for the video transmission to take place without disturbances and delays, the controller itself is able to find the optimal frequency that will ensure the best data (image) transmission in the current conditions. A very interesting option of the controller is to follow the route that the user draws on the screen (in the form of a line). Just draw a line and the drone will follow it. It is also possible to order the drone to track a selected object (e.g. car, human) and the device will follow the target. As soon as it realizes that the battery is discharging, the drone will return to the place of take-off by itself. The DJI Phantom control device is supported by a dedicated DJI GO application, which can also be used to edit photo sessions made with a drone.

CrystalSky for DJI Phantom – additional options for your camera

The function of the control device for DJI Phantom drones is expanded by a dedicated CrystalSky monitor that works with the DJI GO software. This device is phenomenal for many reasons. First, CrystalSky guarantees very high transmission efficiency. The received image can be redirected to other devices, e.g. multimedia goggles. Secondly, thanks to the built-in DJI Go application, CrystalSky operation is very simple, intuitive and allows you to conveniently control the camera even for people who have so far had very little experience in using drones. An additional advantage of using CrystalSky directly with the DJI Phantom control equipment is the quality of the image transmitted from the camera. Perfectly matched colors, including the range and brightness of the image, allow you to see all the details of the recorded reality on the screen. There is much more to explore with that than is to see with the naked eye.

Spectacular DJI goggles

Most flight controllers are in the form of a console with sticks and buttons. However, DJI from Shenzhen proves that this is not what the future will look like. What are we talking about? Of course, about the DJI goggles!

Multimedia glasses / goggles are an increasingly popular tool for controlling DJI Phantom drones. The DJI Goggles are equipped with a widescreen, modern display and allow you to see exactly what your drone is seeing at any given moment. Just controlling the machine in this way guarantees an amazing experience. Imagine that you can see the entire panorama of your city on a regular basis - with DJI solutions it's a piece of cake.

The Head Tracking Flight mode is intended to steer the quadcopter, in which the drone responds to head movements. It's intuitive navigation that you'll learn in no time. Moving the head up and down changes the position of the camera, while the right-left movement affects the direction of flight of the entire device. It is also possible to control the gimbal itself (Head Tracking Gimbal mode). Of course, the housing of the multimedia goggles for DJI Phantom also has standard control buttons with menu functions.