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DJI Phantom accessories

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FPV multimedia goggles for DJI Phantom - feel your drone flight at first hand

One of the most interesting possibilities of DJI drones is related to special FPV multimedia goggles. In Botland you can buy original FPV goggles for Phantom drones (and other series) at a low price - devices are also available in several versions. They provide amazing experiences that are hard to describe. First of all, they allow you to observe the flight from the position of the first-person viewer (FPV: First-Person View), in other words, when you put on such glasses, you will see in real time everything that the camera lens mounted on your drone sees. Phantom drone accessories such as the DJI Goggles can enrich your experience tremendously. It is up to you when you will use them - whether they will be a fascinating experiment or an everyday way to control the drone.

It is worth knowing that such goggles provide a greater viewing angle and definitely make it easier to control the device. The operator of the DJI Phantom drone may choose to put the device into Head Tracking Flight control mode to steer the aircraft using head movements. In turn, in the second mode - Head Tracking Gimbal - we control the drone with a dedicated gimbal.

Filters for DJI Phantom drones

The camera supplied with the DJI Phantom drone provides excellent conditions for videotaping. Nevertheless, the lens may be subject to various kinds of noise. The quality of the image recorded in flight will be worsened mainly by too intense sunlight, because then there is too much contrast between the closer and further elements of the landscape. In such a situation, it is more difficult to find a sharper image and more clearly captured details, and yet that's what we care about so often. Fortunately, this problem can be easily resolved. You just need to buy original additional filters for DJI Phantom lenses. With dedicated filters, you can significantly improve the quality of your videos. In this category of the Botland store, DJI drone filters are available in various colors, such as orange or red. The orange filter lengthens the exposure time and allows you to better balance the brightness of the sky and the ground. Choose the red filter if you mainly want to improve the contrast of the image in highly reflective areas.

DJI Phantom - other cool accessories

The Phantom series drones produced by DJI are incredibly professional machines. The possibilities of extending them and increasing their functionality are really big. That is why in our offer you will also find other accessories for DJI Phantom, such as batteries, suitcases and all the smaller things you need. Among them, the recommended original DJI Phantom battery seems to be the most necessary. It's an essential piece of equipment when you venture out of town or beyond to film landscapes. The drone's battery can run out quickly - it's good to have a few extra batteries with you when you need to quickly replace a discharged package. It is always worth having a set of two lightweight propellers with you, because it is the propellers that are most susceptible to mechanical damage during the flight. Also check out the convenient transport case, which will ensure more convenient storage and transport of the DJI Phantom drone. When you buy these accessories from Botland, you can be sure that they will fit your Phantom drone.