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DJI Inspire control equipment

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Control the flight of the drone DJI Inspire

Additional design control DJI substantially free user. He don't have to watch constantly, if on the route the drone does not appear (hard to see from the ground), the obstacle or the mission will not interfere with the terrain. The drone uses because of CCTV, but also sonar, receiving and processing thus, much more information about the current altitude, location, and environmental conditions. Data from both of these systems are then transferred to the CPU, and this, in turn, after appropriate processing, sends them to the flight controller devices. A great influence on the quality of management, has remote control, DJI Inspire which comes with many interesting features.

Control equipment DJI Inspire

Remote control to control dronem integrated with reference to DJI Lightbridge, therefore, allows you to connect a screen or a mobile device and transmit images from the webcam live. However, this is only the beginning the possibilities of this instrument. One drone because you can connect two remote controller connected as Master and Slave. In such a system of construction team flying seems to be directly only the Master, but the Slave transmits the higher controller recommendations that the provisions gimbala and camera. And the software remote control (control algorithms) supported the stability of the structure during flight. In situations requiring rapid response, e.g. rapid production of pictures – with the help comes You buttons are assigned the basic functions of a drone.

Sun multimedia FPV, then there are unforgettable views

In our store you will find solutions that make every flight of Your drone will bring even more emotions. This is a FPV goggles with integrated single or dual screen, where you can watch the view from the DJI Inspire camera in FPV mode (eng. First Person View), that is, as if was directly on aircraft design. Sun media drone equipped with additional functionality – the mode of Head Tracking Flight. It allows you to position the drone and installed on it the camera using head movements left and right and up and down. In our assortment you will find FPV glasses compatible with modules OcuSync, support stream video.