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DJI Inspire accessories

DJI Inspire is a series of drones that have conquered the world of both amateur drones and professional machines since its introduction to the market. They immediately gained loads of loyal fans around the world. Numbers prove DJI's success. It is estimated that the manufacturer from the east coast of China (Shenzhen) currently has a 70% share of the global drone market.

However, DJI products are not only characterized by the fact that they are very available. Above all, these are the highest quality machines, equipped with lots of interesting and useful functions. The parameters of these quadcopters speak for themselves. Lovers of aerial video filming will be pleased above all with the excellent image parameters (4K / 8K quality, fast and reliable HD transmission, smart gimbal rotating up to 360 degrees). Subsequent versions of these devices have only raised the already high level. This applies to all series of Chinese drones - Tello, Mavics, Phantom and Inspire.

A huge advantage of DJI drones are also generally available accessories for them. They make it possible for you to significantly enrich your experience. Some devices are typically practical, they will certainly be useful in professional filmmaking using drones. In this category, we present the highest quality, original accessories for DJI Inspire drones. Among them you will find practically everything that you could dream about during sky missions. Enjoy your shopping!

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DJI Goggles Racing - Multimedia FPV goggles

FPV Goggles  compatible with the video transmission module OcuSync and the camera module at a distance of up to 7 kilometers. They are lightweight and made out of comfortable...
Index: ROB-12215
Index: ROB-12215
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DJI Goggles - Multimedia FPV goggles

FPV Goggles designed for DJI phantom series, Phantom, and Mavic drones. They are also suitable for other devices with HDMI. They are lightweight and made out of comfortable...
Index: ROB-09344
Index: ROB-09344
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Accessories for DJI Inspire – protection of more fragile parts of the drone

Advanced technical structures with complex electronics, such as the DJI Inspire drones, contain many sensitive, fragile elements. Therefore, it is worth providing them with special protection. In this category, we present tools that will increase the safety of your machine.

The propellers should be protected more, if we want to use our drone for a decades. They rotate with tremendous speed. They are regularly subjected to enormous loads when they collide with any obstacle (e.g. a branch or a building). Especially when you plan to use the drone in a hard-to-reach place, it is worth thinking about additional collision protection equipment.

In the Botland store, you will find special propeller covers for DJI Inspire, thanks to which you can protect its delicate blades. It is also worth getting an elevation of the landing gear, which will facilitate safe landing on uneven and unsteady ground. Importantly, protection against mechanical damage to the gimbal will be guaranteed by a special plastic cover. At the same time, it protects against excessive exposure of the camera lens to sunlight.

DJI Inspire accessories for transport and storage

Fully charging the drone's battery - depending on the model - usually allows about 25 - 30 minutes of flight. Therefore, it is always worth having spare packages with you. If necessary, you can quickly replace them and then continue filming without any problems. The more battery packs we have (they are not heavy and take up very little space), the longer we can film without major breaks.

Every more advanced DJI Inspire drone operator should also have some additional filters, the aforementioned propeller guards, and reflective landing mats in the handheld assortment. Importantly, flight controllers are also necessary. However, when we count all these accessories, it turns out that such a set of additional accessories for DJI Inspire requires appropriate packaging for transport.

In the Botland store, you will find transport cases dedicated to DJI Inspire drones, as well as covers and cases. The method of storing the batteries, which pose a fire hazard if damaged or overheated, is of great importance for the safety of the accessories. We strongly recommend that you stock up on protective bags for DJI batteries.

Higher filming quality is possible – optical filters for DJI Inspire

A high-class camera with an excellent lens is the basis for shooting professional movie clips. However, to take perfect photos, you will also need additional accessories.

For DJI Inspire drones, we recommend sets of original filters for various applications. Filters are put on the lens and make you get amazing artistic effects. It is a solution that will be useful both for people who professionally deal with drones (shooting wedding videos, advertising and artistic films), and for every drone lover looking for additional aesthetic impressions!

In Botland you will find special filters for DJI Inspire, which allow you to expose the image longer, protect against its illumination, and also help you balance the brightness of individual film sets. Such optical elements come from renowned manufacturers and are characterized by excellent parameters. They are fully compatible with any DJI Inspire machine. By choosing them, you can also be sure that they will be very durable products. The filters are highly scratch and water resistant, as well as very good light transmission.