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Drone Box Flyer Rebel 2,4GHz - 6,5cm

Miniature size drones Box Flyer by Rebel in black . It consists of four propellers, which are protected by a cover. The drone has a 6-axis gyroscope and an auto trim...
Index: LEC-16417
Index: LEC-16417
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Additionally, here you will find drone-compatible goggles, smart remote controls and extra propellers - basically everything you need to enjoy your time spend with favourite drones even more! They will enhance your experience and help you take amazing footage of whatever location your devices are going to explore.

Attractive products at reasonable prices

Are you a drone enthusiast? Do you love comparing functionality and navigation specifics of models from various producers? Or maybe you are just looking for something simple to start off your adventure with flying devices? Whichever you are you will surely want to take a look at two drones in our Botland store: Shadow Breaker Top Selling X6 and Hoverdrone Nano. What sets them apart is not only affordable price but also outstanding technical specifications for this type of devices.

Shadow Breaker Top Selling X6 is a quadcopter which is equipped with gyroscopic stabilizer and HD 720 x 480 px camera with LED lights. Flexible rotors ensure greater durability and damage resistance.

The other one of the above-mentioned drones is a tiny hexacopter which is only 12 x 12 cm in size. Hoverdrone Nano is powered by a lithium polymer accumulator. When it is fully charged it provides enough power to sustain an 8 minute flight.

Advanced solutions for real aficionados

One of the more interesting products in this category is without a doubt a Makeblock Airblock modular drone. The main module responsible for navigation is at the core of this construction. It is connected with the rest of the modules by using the built-in magnets. This method ensures a strong and precise fit while simultaneously allowing for swift reconstruction and easy upgrades. A foam casing is an effective protection for rotating elements inside the central parts of modules. Controlling and navigating this device is a piece of cake, so is programming. It is based on a mobile app which connects to drone by using Bluetooth.

For the experienced enthusiasts we suggest another machine - Yuneec Tornado H920 hexacopter with gimbal and CG04 camera. It boasts excellent parameters which include: 16 Mpx camera sensor, 3x optical zoom and replaceable camera lens. Thanks to all of this the drone will do an amazing job in professional setting as it is capable of delivering a high quality footage (4K). Another asset of this versatile device is advanced steering, based on two frequencies: 2,4 GHz and 5,8 GHz.

Practical accessories for drones

In our Botland store you will find additions and small appliances that will come in handy when using a drone. In this category we have included smart remote control that is dedicated for Yuneec products. It would be of great help in situations when you want to navigate a drone with one hand and use a different device with the other - a smartphone, for example. Yuneec Wizard is easy to use because of an intuitive interface. The follow me function is a very special one - with it you can make your drone follow movements done with the hand that holds the remote.

Also, if you are already a proud owner of Yuneec Breeze drone, here you will find sets of additional propellers that are fully compatible with your device. No matter how careful you are, drones get in accidents all the time and propellers are usually the first to break. Do not fret because luckily they are also easy to replace. Keep a couple of extra ones with you and you will be able to fix your machine in no time!