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DJI Industrial drones

DJI is the world's most popular brand of unmanned aerial vehicles commonly called drones. The company is headquartered in Shenzhen, which is now referred to as the Chinese ‘Silicon Valley’. In turn, the factories themselves in which DJI drones are created are located on virtually every continent. In addition to drones, DJI also produces sports cameras, stabilizers, propulsion systems, and more. The company was founded in 2006 and since then has won many prestigious awards. Currently, about 70% of drones sold in the world are signed with the DJI brand.

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Dron DJI Matrice 600 Pro

The DJI Matrice 600 Pro Dron DJI is designed for professional and industrial applications , it can be used to record amazing films from the air or serve as a smog detector...
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It is hardly surprising then that it is DJI that is constantly experimenting and releasing new drone series. We already have a series created for beginners and children. We have drones for intermediate and professionals. There is no shortage of flying devices that are proudly used by emergency and police services around the world. What is missing then? Drones for special tasks - but really the most special ones!

In this category we present the highest quality industrial drones. These products are the pinnacle of technological achievements. They are perfect in every way. See it for yourself – just check our offer below!

Professional DJI Industrial drones

In addition to commercial drones used, among others For filming and photographing weddings, trips and landscapes, DJI also offers unmanned aerial vehicles that are used in industry. Here we are talking about industrial drones. These are devices for special tasks. These drones are used for detailed inspections of hard to reach places. They take part in the tasks of special services. They study the level of smog or other soil and air pollution. They are the most professional drones ever created.

Due to their capabilities, they are also used to check installations extending over a large area. This method not only allows you to quickly detect a fault, but also significantly reduces the time needed to perform a meticulous inspection. DJI unmanned aerial vehicles are ideally suited for measuring devices, especially when measuring at high altitude. These products are characterized by very high engine and battery power and overall durability.

Amazing advantages of DJI Industrial drones

Difficult atmospheric and geographical conditions, a specific type of work performed - all this means that professional DJI brand drones must be the best. Industrial drones are characterized by increased resistance to moisture and pollution. Drones have implemented cameras with high image resolution and the ability to monitor very small elements. Further functionalities include an effective obstacle avoidance system, quiet mode, and a system to secure acquired information. Products such as the DJI Mautrice 300 RTK withstand temperatures down to -20 degrees Celsius, are resistant to wind speeds of 15 m / s and can float above the ground to a height of ... 7 kilometers above sea level!

If you are looking for a drone for special tasks, the above offer is for you. Contact us to discuss the details. We'll be happy to help you choose a drone.