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Crawler educational robots

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JIMU Trackbot 1TJM120 - robot construction kit for beginners

JIMU Trackbot is a set for creating a robot for beginners. The kit consists of 4 motors, 253 blocks and an IR sensor. Trackbot allows you to build structures such as a...
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Index: VDS-13436
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Caterpillar educational works

Education robots play a very important role in education today. They are devices that are prepared by specialists to familiarize children with new technologies. Through play, children can learn the basics of robotics and programming, as well as other valuable skills, and acquire practical knowledge when using such equipment for various purposes. This is very important because it is extremely important that the largest possible part of the world's society should prepare for the times in which it will live in a dozen or so years. The whole world is now getting richer and richer in newer and newer technologies which, among other things, make people's lives easier and allow them to work and protect the environment more efficiently. In the next dozen or so years the labour market around the world will undergo major changes. Most jobs that do not require human creativity will be replaced by computer systems and robots, thus creating jobs for programmers and automation and robotics specialists. Nowadays, enabling children to start learning future-oriented professions through play is tantamount to giving them a safe and good future. Tracked educational robots are mostly mobile devices that require different kinds of user interaction. For example, a child has to assemble a robot on his or her own according to instructions or according to his or her own design.

Why choose caterpillar educational robots?

Tracked learning robots have a unique chassis. It allows you to easily overcome obstacles that an ordinary wheeled robot would have much more difficulty with. This is why caterpillar robots are a practical solution for your child. In a children's room, there are often toys on the floor, as well as carpets, rugs or other types of floor covering that could hinder the movement of wheeled robots. Caterpillars allow for easy movement even on rough and uneven surfaces. They can also handle all hills and slopes much better. By using such equipment, the child will have the opportunity to learn about the practical advantages of using this type of chassis and come to conclusions about the practical aspects of the laws of physics (for example, concerning friction or stability of various objects).

What do we offer in this category?

One of the most interesting items in our offer is the AstroBot from JIMU. In fact, it is a set for building a social robot on your own. Depending on the user's willingness and skills, one of the three basic forms of the robot can be built - the device is accompanied by detailed instructions to help you build different structures using the same parts. For example, wheels can be used for traditional chassis or to drive a crawler system. Enabling such modifications is a great way of influencing the imagination and development of a child engaged in play. The device can be controlled via a smartphone application (via Bluetooth). After assembling, the set can be easily programmed in an intuitive programming environment created especially for educational needs of the youngest - visual Scratch language. AstroBot can be easily combined with other JIMU products to build your own unique designs. You will also find a great Velleman kit for building a field robot in one of three versions. The RoboKit can become a rover that will overcome any obstacle, an advanced gripper that uses caterpillars to move and to grab or a forklift truck that can cope with difficult terrain.