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WiFi bridges

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WiFi Bridge RD-S300CPE - 2,4GHz - 1km

Wireless WiFi bridge developed by Hored. It operates at 2.4 GHz over a maximum distance of 1 km in the open air. The correct operation of the module is ensured by a high...
Index: PRO-17650
Index: PRO-17650
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Hored RD-S380QCPE WiFi bridge - 5GHz - 1km

Device developed by Hored company allowing to work in 5 GHz frequency up to 1 km in open space. A Qualcomm chipset is responsible for the correct operation of the bridge....
Index: PRO-17651
Index: PRO-17651
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Waiting time about 10-30 days
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Methods of increasing range of wireless network

In the case of WLAN there are three methods that allow to increase range of the network. The first method is use of devices of adequate power, e.g. routers, equipped with properly selected antennas of high gain and proper directivity (depending on which direction and area the signal is to be transmitted). The second, equally popular method, used especially in the case of larger apartments or detached houses, as well as in small and medium-sized commercial facilities, is the use of a WiFi signal amplifier. The amplifier creates a new network based on the base network, thus increasing the area covered by wireless Internet. The third method is the use of WiFi bridges, i.e. a pair of special devices, which allow to replace the Ethernet cable (twisted-pair) with a stable radio connection of high throughput.

Application of WiFi bridges in building computer networks

As we mentioned before, WiFi bridge allows to effectively extend the range of wireless network. However, it is worth remembering about some basic rules of using this kind of devices and their important advantages, but also limitations. The first very important issue is the fact that a WiFi bridge is - as the name suggests - a connection between two selected points. While the use of e.g. an access point, i.e. an access point (AC) or a WiFi amplifier strengthens the range of the network in the whole area of operation of the device, in the case of a WiFi bridge a connection is created between two points located far away from each other. As a result, two areas with strengthened network coverage are created (around the devices), but these areas are (usually) separated from each other. Such solutions are worth using e.g. when the wireless network signal has to be led from one building to another, and the traditional wired connection is for some reason impossible or uneconomical. WiFi bridges also allow to effectively manage the distribution of ranges, because we do not have to care about high power transmission in a place that does not require it, such as a parking lot between buildings or in the open space - the signal is delivered only where it is really used.

WiFi bridges available in Botland offer

In our store we offer devices of reputable brand Hored, marked as RD-S300CPE and RD-S380QCPE. Both sets allow you to extend the wireless network at distances up to 1 km in the open space (in the line of sight), while they differ primarily in the supported bandwidth. The model marked S300CPE operates in 2.4 GHz band, whereas the second set enables connection in 5 GHz band. The devices are based on industry-class Qualcomm processors and equipped with 8MB of built-in Flash memory and 64 MB of DDR or DDR2 RAM (depending on the model). They provide data transfer rates of up to 150 Mbps. It is also worth mentioning that both sets support PoE standard - Power over Ethernet - which ensures seamless cooperation with other network devices supporting this modern power mode. There are also clear LED indicators showing the status of the device. The maximum transmission power in both cases is 20 dBm, and the sensitivity of the receivers is up to -98 dBm (for 2.4 GHz) and -97 dBm (in the case of the model operating in 5 GHz band). Easy installation is guaranteed by built-in antennas. On the housings of the Hored WiFi bridges there are also reset buttons that restore factory default settings after a long press.