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Touch button drivers

Currently on the market there are many technologies used to create user-friendly interfaces. They allow easy communication with the user and control operation of the system. A Central element of this type of interfaces, buttons, and increasingly it's the touch buttons that do not require mechanical elements. Many of the sensory fields do not even require direct exposure, creating sealed enclosures that are resistant to moisture or dust. Currently the leading technology in this field are the touch sensors. In our store you can find a wide range of schemes drivers of touch buttons and accessories for such kind of interfaces.

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Q-touch AT42QT2100-AU- SMD

Chip that can handle up to seven touch buttons in the case surface soldered (SMD).
Index: UCC-01081
Index: UCC-01081
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Touch buttons heart modern interfaces

Field touch-is a convenient way to control the user interface on multiple devices. The touch sensors of various types are increasingly used not only in smartphones and laptops, but also in refrigerators, multimedia system, or even on control panels for equipment for television and radio. The first technology that allows you to create sensory fields that have been resistive. In this system used two layers of the bearing, separated by a small gap, e.g., air. Przytknięcie your finger or stylus to the screen causes a short circuit between these layers, allowing the controller touch buttons measuring resistance values at this point. Based on this the controller computes the position. New alternative to this technology, the capacitive screens.

Capacitive sensors – an alternative to the old buttons electric

In systems with capacitive touch buttons driver measures the changing capacitance touch field. Capacitive proximity sensors can be constructed from various materials, such as copper on a printed circuit BOARD or indowo oxide-tin (ITO) on the glass surface. This allows the buttons on the surface of a standard printed circuit boards, laminated materials of the type flex and the surface of the transparent plates of glass, so you can use them as touch screens for the various displays. The only limitation of this technology is the requirement of a conducting element, is detected. It can be a finger or a special conductive stylus. Capacitive touch sensors are more sensitive and responsywne than resistive, but less of them accurate.

IC controllers the floor-touch

In our offer special, specific drivers of touch buttons. These chips allow you to process multiple fields at the same time capacitive. Just connect the buttons appropriately decorated paths on the circuit Board, metallic fields on the device, or electrically conductive, transparent elements, for example, on glass, etc. on the other hand, this sort of drivers connected with popular digital interfaces such as I2C or SPI) to microcontroller or processor. Some of the amenities offered in our store drivers of touch buttons allow to handle not only buttons, but sliders or wheels to move.

Support for a wide range of forms buttons

Drivers of touch buttons have implemented a variety of additional features that make it easier Yes the design and the implementation of touchscreen user interfaces. Field, touch, different than normal buttons, don't have to have a predetermined shape and can be adapted, for example, to irregular shapes of the body. If we put next to a few fields, we can connect their unit of touch buttons so that they become the factor slider. The displacement of the finger across these fields will be read as the movement of the slider, and therefore the controller receives information about the path of motion and its direction, as in the case of analog mechanical slider.