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Output voltage 1.8 V

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Linear voltage regulator LDO 1,8V NCP1117DT18G - SMD TO-252 - 5pcs

Low-Dropout linear stabiliser with 1.8 V output voltage and a maximum current of 1 A. Closed in TO-252 housing, has 3 pins. Included 5 pcs.
Index: FAR-15251
Index: FAR-15251
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You have a choice

We provide our customers with a wide selection of products. They will be able to match a solution to meet your needs. Among the stabilizers, it is possible to allocate these different voltage, i.e. supply voltage: 1.8 V, 3.3 V, 5 V, 8 V, 9 V, 10 V and 12 V. the description of items our store you can find the information that this regulator has a voltage. In addition, we offer choice of entire sets and individual devices, stabilizing voltage.

The linear stabilizers

Browsing through our goods, you can stumble on the concept of linear stabilizers. To simplify the selection of appropriate products, give information on the subject. Stabilizer needed to stabilize the voltage that is sent to your device. Currently, it is the modified elements and have a built-in circuit which limits output current when an overload. For easy selection of any stabilizer has a certain maximum output current, and the type of housing. Devices that are in our range, are affordable and are of high quality.

The usual things work in an unusual way

Output voltage is voltage that is the output power, which is a good example of charger. It is worth knowing that the type of device affects the phase of the signal, its level and form. In order to work effectively, the voltage must be compatible with the device voltage is fed, for example, a laptop or mobile phone. Obviously, these are things everyday use, and their impact depends on the proper selection and application of appropriate stabilizers which are in our product range.