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Output voltage 1.8 V

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Linear voltage regulator LDO 1,8V NCP1117DT18G - SMD TO-252 - 5pcs

Low-Dropout linear stabiliser with 1.8 V output voltage and a maximum current of 1 A. Closed in TO-252 housing, has 3 pins. Included 5 pcs.
Index: FAR-15251
Index: FAR-15251
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You have a choice – voltage stabilizers

Botland is a consumer electronics store for professional robotics and electronics engineers as well as for amateurs - people who are just starting their adventure with the world of cables, meters, electronic devices and sensors and printed circuit boards. That is why we always want to give our customers a lot of choice. For this reason, in this category you will find only 1.8 V voltage stabilizers. Thanks to this, it is easy to find them and it is easy to get acquainted with exactly what we want to know.

Nevertheless, in the Botland electronics store - on other subpages - you will also find many other variants of voltage stabilizers. You are sure to find a device perfectly suited to your needs. Among the stabilizers, we can distinguish those with different voltages: 1.8 V, 3.3 V, 5 V, 8 V, 9 V, 10 V and 12 V. In the description of our store's items, you can find information about the voltage of the stabilizer. In addition, we offer a selection of both complete sets and single voltage stabilizing devices.

Linear voltage stabilizers 1.8 V

When analyzing the products in this category, you will surely see that some of them are linear stabilizers. To simplify the selection of the right products, we will provide you with information on this topic.

What is a linear stabilizer? The stabilizer is necessary to stabilize the supply voltage that is sent to the device. This keeps the entire electronic circuit safe. Voltage stabilizers ensure the safe operation of devices because they reduce the possibility of sudden voltage increases or drops. It must be remembered that otherwise, in such situations, many devices could fail, overheat and sometimes even burn.

Linear stabilizers – 1.8 V and others – are refined elements and have built-in circuits that limit the output current during an overload. For simpler selection, each stabilizer has a specific maximum output current. The type of housing is also given - when choosing, it is also worth checking this parameter. The devices in our range are affordable and at the same time of high quality.

Extraordinary way for ordinary things

The output voltage is the electrical voltage that is on the output side of the power device. A perfect example is the standard charger. It is worth knowing that the type of device affects the phase of the signal, its level or the shape of the signal. Therefore, in order to make absolutely everything run smoothly, the voltage must be compatible with the voltage of the device. Therefore, when choosing, you should carefully study the technical specifications of the device - laptop, mobile phone, etc. They are clearly everyday things, and their operation depends on the correct selection and use of appropriate stabilizers. You will certainly find all the stabilizers you need in the Botland online store - on this subpage (1.8 V output stabilizers) or on other subpages of our store!

Enjoy your shopping in the Botland store!