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Gravity: Expansion Shield for Intel® Joule™

Board that facilitates the use of the module Intel Joule. Works as an extension for the original extension board. It has support for analog inputs, the ability to change...
Index: DFR-08105
Index: DFR-08105
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DFRobot HCR - 3-level Robot Platform with Sensors and DC Motor Drive

Universal platform with two wheels and three levels. It has two DC motors, two wheels, one omni wheel, and metal elements.
Index: DFR-06623
Index: DFR-06623
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Top-level computing power

Intel does not accept compromise, nor does it ever follow a worn-out path. This was also the case with microcomputers that have above-average processing power. They also support algorithmically complex applications. In the Intel Edison modules you will find dual-core Intel Atom processors, which are perfect for much larger devices, i.e. energy-saving laptops and practical netbooks. It is a miniature solution, next to which there is a bigger Intel Joule model. This, on the other hand, is a solution for those looking for a multi-tasking system designed to control autonomous robots. A great advantage of this model is the ability to support machine learning and navigation. You can also choose the Intel Galileo board, which will certainly satisfy users with slightly lesser requirements who plan to implement simpler projects. It is equipped with the most important extensions and interface connections. For example, you'll find the USB port you need for virtually any project.

All Intel boards are available in our shop. You can choose between Intel Joule with multi-tasking capabilities and Intel Galileo, which surprises you with its good performance despite its slightly smaller capabilities.

How to extend the Intel microcomputer?

You have a very wide range of options to extend your Intel single board computer. You can select from a variety of add-on modules, peripherals and numerous accessories. The microcomputers are small in size and have dense raster connectors. This means that Intel modules can only be used with additional PCBs. These are both adapters as well as complex base platforms. With this in mind, manufacturers have designed accessories that are compatible with external devices designed for Intel modules. For example, you can use a set of boards that includes additional interfaces and sensors, as well as controllers that are useful for both more and less advanced projects.

Our store also offers additional accessories that work well with the powerful processor included in the Intel board. You can use, for example, plug power supplies, connection cables and contact plates. With goldpin connectors you can connect your minicomputer with many sensor modules, designed to control and perform advanced tasks and commands.

Intel microcomputers are extremely efficient and reliable devices, which can be equipped with additional accessories and modules. Only then do we have a chance to use their full potential and implement advanced projects. Use the board to create a control system, intelligent robot or command center, which you can manage an intelligent building. Everything you need is available in our shop.