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Electric skateboards

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Yuneec E-GO / E-GO2 skateboard bag

Durable bag for skateboards from the Yuneec E-GO and E-GO2 series. It allows you to conveniently carry the skateboard while travelling.
Index: ROB-07329
Index: ROB-07329
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In our offer you will find the most interesting models that will bring you lots of joy. We made sure that they are one of the best in terms of quality which means that they are first and foremost durable. Precisely because they are so safe they will be an attractive gift for anyone who loves new challenges and being active - even for small children.

The most important parameters when it comes to electric skateboards

Just like any other person who wants to use electric skateboards as a means of transportation in an easy, quick and effective manner, we pay a lot of attention to the speed that can be achieved with our models. After all, maximum speed differs from product to product - it is crucial to take this into consideration when choosing one for yourself.

Our store has a great assortment of various models. Everyone can find something that suits their needs perfectly! We have skateboards with the maximum speed of 10 km/h which are ideal for beginners and for small children. They are safe and are a good opportunity for taking your first steps into the world of electric skating. If you already have some experience in that department you can alway pick a model that is a little quicker. Advanced skaters would definitely love something as fast as 40 km/h. Moving at this speed is tricky, you will have to have an excellent balance and body awareness but if you are skilled enough this is going to bring you tremendous amounts of joy!

What else do you have to know about electric skateboards?

Another great trait that puts our electric skateboards above the rest is how they are controlled by the user. You can do it in one of two ways: by a Bluetooth controller or from your smartphone by using a dedicated app. It is truly a modern method of traveling, no wonder it has fans all over the globe! They allow for a flexibility that other vehicles do not, they will fit in narrow streets and make avoiding physical obstacles easy, which is not something one can say about most cars. Also, they are environmentally friendly and quiet which makes them even better if you live in the city. Some of them can cover a distance of 20 to 30 km when fully charged!

Aside from the differences in speed and extra functions, all of our products are characterized by noticeable endurance and resistance to damage. It is because we choose our products carefully, looking especially at their quality. We invite you to visit our Botland online store and see for yourself. There is definitely an electric skateboard just for you and your loved ones!