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DJI Inspire drones - accessories and drones

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DJI Inspire drones presented in this category belong to the category of professional devices. Inspires are not only flying structures with the possibility of video filming, but even ready platforms for the transmission of high-quality live camera images. Despite the fact that they are so advanced machines, they hide many secrets. Check our offer now - see DJI products or scroll down to get more info on this DJI series!

DJI Inspire 1 – record 4K video from a bird’s eye view

Since its first publication, the DJI Inspire drone (Generation 1) has delighted all robotics enthusiasts. It is hardly surprising. The DJI Inspire 1 model has combined several technologies that have definitely improved the quality of video filming and aerial photography. First of all, users obtained a 4K standard video, 12 Mpx matrix and the ability to broadcast live image in High-definition quality. Secondly, a gimbal with a camera was mounted to the drone, offering 360 degree rotation. This allows you to take full shots. The DJI Inspire drone has a retractable 'landing gear' (just after the start the frame made of carbon rises up automatically). This means that, unlike some other models, you have access to what the camera sees without any interference. It is not possible for any Insider construction element to be found in the frame.

What's more, the drone presented here greatly supports the user's actions. The highest quality of materials means very high durability. However, it is known that prevention is more effective than treatment. That's why DJI Insider will automatically land where it started when it detects a power outage. The advantages of this device can be exchanged indefinitely. The automatic collision protection system, GPS support and many other functions mean 100% safety and full professionalism!

DJI Inspire 2 – ultramodern solutions that bring us to a new era of drones

The second edition of the famous DJI Inspire drone model has brought a lot of news. While the first generation was a complete revolution in the world of drones, the second is so modern that it is hard to find any words to describe them. In this case, we just have to list the most important options and functions that the new DJI Inspire has. And the advantages are not lacking for this model.

The second-generation DJI Inspire is one of the most professional drones ever created. The machine has a newer image processing system, higher flight speed and even longer use after a single battery charge. When the battery is running low, the drone will return to its owner.

The quadrocopter presented here can accelerate to 80 km/h in 5 seconds, which makes it faster than many a car! The Insider's maximum flight speed is up to 94 km/h. A single mission can last up to 27 minutes thanks to dual batteries. Video transmission parameters have changed compared to the first generation model. Inspire 2 allows you to record videos in quality up to 6K. It also supports formats such as Cinema DNG or Apple ProRes, which are used by professional film crews. DJI Inspire 2 is a machine that is currently not lacking in Hollywood!

Intelligent flight modes, including Spotlight Pro, TapFly and Active Track are invaluable help for implementers. The ability of the flying structure to detect obstacles is very important for the safety of each mission. DJI Inspire 2 copes perfectly with all kinds of obstacles, because the intelligent front and bottom view system will notice obstacles from a distance of 30 m at a speed of 54 km / h. As if that wasn't enough, the drone is also able to monitor the type of terrain. and for effective monitoring of terrain. The self-heating system makes the drone more resistant to low temperatures (it will withstand even at -20 degrees Celsius). Believe it or not, it's not all the advantages of the Insiders!

Spare parts and accessories for DJI Inspires

We don't need to convince anyone to buy the Insider – both the first and the second generation. However, despite so many benefits, it is also worth to mention that these drones are extremely easy to control. Although it is worth exercising earlier due to the exclusivity of the product, it can still be operated well by someone who has never done it before.

In our store you will find both DJI Inspire control equipment and accessories for this brand's drone. We will equip you with transport cases that will facilitate safe transfer of equipment to the place of film production. We'll provide you with mains and car chargers for the DJI Insider drone. You will also find a wide selection of spare parts - propellers, housings, engines, arms or antennas. Access to original components means that even in the event of a drone failure or damage, you will quickly restore it to its perfect condition.