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Solar panels - rolled up

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Electricity from the sun – even in the field

In the mass consciousness of photovoltaic power associated with powerful, and thus heavy and large solar panels, mounted increasingly on the roofs of buildings. The crown of this type of solutions in the field of renewable energy sources are whole vast farm of solar light, that is, sites occupied by a chain to the solar power systems and produce large amounts of energy that can meet the needs of many users, and even guarantee a steady supply of this territory, – they say – "current". However, in parallel with the discussion of entire towns or cities powered by solar sources, as well as a number of works on the creation of buildings that are closely integrated with solar panels, there is also the miniaturization of solar cells. It is in such a small and in a fully mobile form, they entered forever into our lives.

Flexible solar

Solar panels fold is an invention which allows the use of a renewable source of energy in any place far from people and human settlements. More open, well lit space for the development of the solar panel. This kind of decision, memorable from survival school, at the same time ultra-modern in nature. Twisted solar panels can be successfully catch up like a blanket (so that the connection is in the open air), and then to hide in a backpack. The smallest models available in our offer, for weighing only 300 g, and the heaviest not even reach a weight of 1 kg.

Durable and effective

In our store you will find twisted solar panel size 36,8x58. 4 cm, which can generate a current power of 7 W for great options that are size 38,6x202 5 cm offer current with a maximum output of 28 watts. All of them are durable and water resistant, so you can use them even on the boat. Manufacturer, brand PowerFilm also emphasizes that its product is resistant to damage. Even if the flint of the sun will przedziurawieniu or scratches without disrupting the entire solar panel, but only the area around the damage.