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Neatmo home automation

Building automation devices for intelligent buildings are becoming increasingly popular among both individual clients and companies. In most technical solutions in the field of home automation, manufacturers are increasingly using artificial intelligence methods. Contemporary designed buildings, apart from the standard electrical installation elements, i.e. cables and wires, circuit breakers, protection systems, measuring systems and step-down transformers, are also increasingly equipped with monitoring systems, alarms, as well as numerous technical solutions optimizing maintenance costs. In this field, an important role is played by Netatmo - a manufacturer of high-quality building automation systems, which was founded in 2011, and seven years later became part of the Legrand company. The Netatmo products are primarily modern technical solutions for heating installations that ensure that the ambient temperature is maintained at the desired level, as well as the optimal temperature distribution in the room.

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Netatmo Thermostat - Smart home Thermostat WiFi

Intelligent thermostatic controller for remote control of the temperature in the house or apartment. Temperatures can be controlled from anywhere in the world with the...
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Index: FBR-14466
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Netatmo - modern solutions in the field of heating residential buildings

Netatmo's home automation devices are primarily products from the group of intelligent control systems for heating installations. In addition to popular products from the group of devices for intelligent buildings, such as fire and burglar alarms, lighting controllers, voice assistants, 230VAC intelligent electrical sockets, or wireless communication systems, the Botland store also has intelligent room heating control devices - the main speciality of designers from Netatmo. Devices from this manufacturer are also intelligent weather stations, measuring sensors and accessories dedicated to them. Also, interesting products of Netatmo are auxiliary devices for heating installations in multi-apartment buildings, e.g. electronically controlled valves, as well as thermostats that stabilize the temperature of the heating system. Thanks to such technical solutions, it was possible to solve many problems regarding heating and air conditioning in buildings. The manufacturer not only made sure that his products meet all technical requirements but also wonderfully developed his devices in terms of visual design.

Wi-Fi controlled thermostat - yes, actually it does exist!

One of the most interesting products designed by specialists from Netatmo is an intelligent thermostat controlled by a Wi-Fi wireless network. This is one of the first devices of its kind available on the market and it has many practical advantages - The Netatmo thermostat enables comprehensive control of central heating furnace operation parameters with almost any technical specification and fuel type. This thermostat can control wood-, gas-, oil-, coal- and other fossil fuel-powered furnaces. Controlling the thermostat and tracking its work can be done using a dedicated mobile application that can work on both Android OS and Apple iOS. The set includes a wireless communication module and a boiler control relay.