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Soldering crucibles

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Solder pot ZB100D 380W 230g

Solder pot ZB100FD designed for quick and easy tinning of wire tips,  stranded wire lead s, removal of varnishes, enamels and mounting of small element without the use of...
Index: DLT-14154
Index: DLT-14154
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Crucibles soldering

Crucibles soldering is a small device, in which the most important part is a small pojemniczek. The temperature is brought to the level where the tin remains liquid. This tool is especially useful when the people daily several dozen or even several thousands of cables for ocynowania. Using the crucible of the soldering, it is much easier to supply, build or repair a home audio set, headphones, GPS systems or CB radio. Operation to change wiring in the headphones is due to rozgrzewaniem delicate electronics to melt, solder the wire and then re-heat it during the installation of the new cable. Having the crucible soldering, can greatly increase convenience, and, above all, to shorten the time of the operation, thereby reducing the risk of damage to sensitive elements of the headset. Progress in technology has resulted in speeding up and reducing the cost of production of this type of tool. Due to this, at a high level of quality, it is possible for a low price to buy your own melting pot soldering. Previously, such purchases were paid off only for commercial workshop email today from the crucible of soldering can use elektronik Amateur or service, with minimal cost and greatly improving the quality of their services.

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We offer professional soldering crucibles with adjustable power, which has a direct impact on the final temperature of the dish. It can be adjusted in different ways, depending on the properties of this tin (additives used in it), and from external conditions (e.g., room temperature). In some models, the power control and mitigate electron - also from a product depends on what material is made the container (our model is made of titanium and stainless steel). We have crucibles with a capacity of 100 V, 150 V and 380 V.