FORBOT KIT - Raspberry Pi 4B 8GB + 32GB microSD + course ON-LINE

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Created by set for Raspberry Pi course. It contains all the necessary components, including the latest version of the extremely popular Raspberry Pi 4B mini-computer, power supply, dedicated casing, memory card, HD camera, HDMI - microHDMI cable and electronic components.

FORBOT KIT - Raspberry Pi 4B 8GB + 32GB microSD + course ON-LINE
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Raspberry Pi kit - FORBOT - RAM:
Manufacturer: Forbot

Product description: FORBOT educational set with Raspberry Pi 4B 8 GB RAM + 32 GB microSD

Raspberry Pi isundoubtedly the most popular single disc computer. The set is dedicated to people who want to know raspberry in practice. Performing step by step all the exercises, together with the support of the author and other forum users, allows you to master the basics, needed to work smoothly with the minicomputer. From installation of the system through initial configuration and free movement around the system to practical projects using the built-in GPIO raspberry. The course also discusses the use ofthe included HD cameraand a range of electronic components.

forbot zestaw

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The course has been designed for those who want toexplore the incredibly interesting and powerful world of Raspberry Piand, most importantly,want to experience it from a practical perspective!Throughout the next lessons you will be able to get acquainted with working onLinuxsystems and learn about the extremely popular scripting language,Python(for GPIO control).

The kit includes the latest Raspberry Pi 4B in 8 GB version!

Elements of the FORBOT Raspberry Pi 4B education kit.

The aim of the course is to present the most important information in practice, so that every beginner can freely use the RaspberryPi computer.

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OnFORBOT.plthere is a course based on elements from this set. In our offer you can also find sets for other courses such as: electronics basics, soldering, Arduino, robot construction and STM32 -check the list of sets "

Course plan

The course has been divided into parts, which are published onFORBOT.plwebsite. Below are all the lessons that make up the course.

The knowledge of Raspberry Pi, Linux and programming is NOT required to perform the exercises from the course. The basics of electronics fromthe FORBOT courseare welcome.

L.p. Episode title Status
1 Introduction, table of contents Available at
2 What is a popular raspberry? Available at
3 Housing, heat sinks, camera Available at
4 System installation with NOOBs, RPi as PC Available at
5 Installation of the system by UART Available at
6 Installation/communication via network Available at
7 Remote access VNC, SCP, RSA keys Available at
8 Console work, Linux bases Available at
9 Text editors, console cd. Available
10 Camera, pictures, image transmission Available at
11 Movies, slowmotion, timelapse Available at
12 GPIO basics, scripts Available at
13 PWM, inputs, camera scripts Available at
14 Python basics, GPIO Available at
15 DS18B20 temperature sensor Available at
16 PWM, entrances, camera in Python Available at
17 Summary, start of a series of projects Available at
18 Continuation"Raspberry Pi course, level II (projects) Available at

Set contents

The set includes the latestRaspberry Pi 4B in 8 GB version,memory card (32 GB class 10) with a reader, power supply unit with USB type C (5.1 V 3 A), universal housing, USB / UART converter, network cable and a set of heat sinks, original Raspberry Pi HD camera (8 Mpx),HDMI - microHDMI cable, small contact plate, connection cables and a set of electronic components (diodes, resistors, buzzer module, button, temperature sensor).All these elements are used in practical exercises concerning GPIO.

The set also allows you to perform exercises from the series "Raspberry Pi Course, Level II (projects)

Aunique code is also included:

  • confirm the originality of the product,
  • You will receive information about new and updated courses,
  • In the future you will get access to new materials and faster help on the forum.

Pudełko z zestawem forbot raspberry pi 4b

Box with educational set FORBOT Raspberry Pi 4B.

The video presents the capabilities of the latest Raspberry Pi 4B minicomputer.

StarterKit - module Raspberry Pi
StarterKit - subject Raspberry Pi
UC - core 4. Quad Core
UC - Digital pins 40
UC - External memory microSD card
UC - freq 1.5 GHz
UC - Ethernet yes
UC - WiFi yes
UC - USB 2x USB 3.0 + 2x USB 2.0
UC - microSD yes

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Product reviews

FORBOT KIT - Raspberry Pi 4B 8GB + 32GB microSD + course ON-LINE


Average grade


Customers opinion
Everything is ok
Everything as described and 100% functional. The housing is easy to assemble, the only drawback is a slightly fragile plastic that can chip when disassembled.
Everything you need to start your adventure with Malinka 🙂
The best educational kit for Rasberry Pi programming.
A well-tailored kit at a reasonable price.
A great set, rich in accessories - there is everything you need to start exploring the possibilities. Attractive housing, although a bit delicate - one latch broke when folded
Great idea for equipment and training.
A great product for anyone who wants to try their hand at microcontrollers. The course for which this kit is prepared is also intended for people who do not have any experience in electronics or programming, explaining the issues encountered in detail. I recommend it with a clear conscience.
No comments
I recommend! Fast shipping, great product and extra artwork on the box: D
A very good set for beginners with a raspberry

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