Course C Sharp - generic types - ON-LINE version

C Sharp course - generic types - ON-LINE version

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This course is designed for people who already know the basics of C# and want to learn how to create secure and efficient data structures using generic types.

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What will you learn?

  • Use generic delegates
  • Working with structures like dictionary, list, stack
  • Practical techniques to be applied to your applications
  • You will learn the advantages of generic types
  • You will learn to work with generic methods
  • You will learn to use generic classes and interfaces
  • Solve classic problems associated with the use of generic types
  • You will master the key terminology

By choosing this course, you will learn much more!


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Who is this course for?

The course is intended for all people who already know the basics of the C# language andwhowant to create efficient data structures using generic types in a secure way. The high efficiency is due to the fact that there is no need topack and unpack elements. Generic structures in C# ensuresecurity of stored types.In fact, skillful work with generic types is essential if you are seriousabout your development career.

Key skills

The training will perfectly prepare you for practical skills. You will understand all the themes of generic structures, you will learn many important techniques. It is the best opportunity to develop your basic C# skills and a big step to your future programming career.

Wide range of topics

Practical knowledge

The course will help you enrich your CV with practical skills ingeneric aspects ofC#. You will be able to easily apply your knowledge while writing your application, as the training will prepare you from writing real and working code fragments.

What else is worth knowing?

For efficient work with the course you only need to know the basics of programming in C#.It is also very important to know concepts such as class,interface,method andcollection.For people who are completely beginners we recommend training:

How to use the course?

By buying the course you get access to our training platform. To use the training, you only need access to the Internet. The courses can be conveniently viewed through any browser or mobile application for Android and iOS.

Table of contents

  1. Generic types
      • Introduction 00m24s
      • Course materials 10m27s
      • Our Collection 15m11s
      • Railway Station 07m07s
      • UnitTests 14m17s
      • The problem of storing different types of elements in the 03m 05s collection
      • Problem solving 12m26s
      • Copy / paste" method 06m29s
      • Generic types 05m17s
      • QueueKolowa14m52s
      • Terminology 09m57s
  2. Generic collections
      • Creating generic collections 13m01s
      • List 11m09s
      • List of tests 14m39s
      • Railway 14m10s
      • Test queue 10m16s
      • Stack 13m26s
      • HashSet 14m06s
      • HashSet tests 10m46s
      • LinkedList 15m35s
      • LinkedList tests 14m 10s
      • Dictionary 14m07s
      • Advanced dictionary 15m04s
      • Test dictionary 10m35s
      • SortedDictionary 09m32s
      • SortedList 09m59s SEE FREELESSONS
      • SortedSet 06m41s
  3. Generalclasses and interfaces
      • What are the interfaces 04m56sfor
      • 14m10sroller coaster
      • Large-Scale 10m23s
      • New Wheeled Railroad 11m41s
      • IEnumerable 13m02s
      • Interfaces 07m37s SEE FREELESSONS
      • Employee comparison 14m 52s
      • DepartmentCollection 15m01s
  4. General methods and delegates
      • Generic methods 14m36s
      • Generic expansion methods 17m35s
      • General Delegates 13m33s
      • Action 11m57s
      • Func 07m19s SEE FREELESSONS
      • Predicate 07m17s
      • 13m51sKonverter
      • Generic events 12m29s
      • End of 00m27s

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