Photography course for everyone - ON-LINE version

Photography course for everyone - ON-LINE version

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The course is designed for people who want to start their adventure with photography. This course will allow you to learn photography techniques and solve all the problems of a beginner photographer.

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What will you learn?

  • You want to take professional photography, but don't know whichcamera to choose?
  • You can't handle your camera at work?
  • Are your photos of poor quality, e.g. lack of sharpness or are they too bright or dark? Do you want to change that?
  • Do you want to know and make the most of your camera's abilities?

This course will free you from all the problems you will encounter when you are a beginner photographer.

Kurs fotografii

By taking this course, you will learn much more!


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Find out how to improve your photos

A lot of people who start to take pictures have no idea where to start, where to get knowledge, what to be inspired by, what to pay attention to, what mistakes not to make. Some are also convinced that they will not have anything to photograph, because there are no attractions nearby. Well, no! You can photograph literally anything and you can do it in a really interesting way even without expensive equipment. This training will provide you with the necessary knowledge, you will learn the secrets of professional photography in your own home. You will see on many practical examples how to take photos consciously and how to avoid the most common mistakes. All you need is the will to learn!

Kurs fotografii dla każdego

Selection of equipment

Beginner photographers can have a very difficult choice when it comes to choosing equipment. There are many models and camera types on the market. Often the wrong camera can cause beginners a lot of trouble. The course will show you the answers to all these questions. You will be able to choose the right camera for yourself and learn all the advantages and disadvantages of specific models, as well as find out what accessories will be worth buying.

Fotografia dla każdego

The basics of how to use a camera

Not everyone knows that improper use of the camera may cause us to be unable to take correct pictures or even damage the camera. The course will help you to prepare yourself to work with the equipment and familiarize you with the most important techniques. This will allow you to achieve the desired results and to use your own camera for a long, trouble-free period.

Kurs fotografii

Light in photography

Light is the most important element of every photograph. Lack of skilful use of it can spoil our photographs completely. The training will allow you to consciouslyand creatively control thelight in the frame. You will also learn what is light found, added and mixed.You will find out how muchsoftand hard light affects your photos. You will learn how to adjustthe camera to the light source to achieve interesting effects.

fotografia portretowa

Portrait photography

You're wrong if you think that a portrait is just someone's bust.With training, you'll see that a portrait can be many more frames. You will find out what types of portraits there are in professional photography and learn how to choose them for the right situation. You will learn the pros and cons of black and white photography, as well as many conceptssuch as: "Strengths, direction and angle of framing or the ability to use photographic blends.

Perspektywa w kursie fotografii dla każdego


The course will prepare you for the creative use of perspective, thanks to which you will take interesting photos. You will find outWhat linear, bird, frog, dog and normal perspective is, and you'll learn their pros and cons. You will see howuse it correctlythe focal length of your camera and what is the "bokeh" effect and forced perspective.

Zdjecia nocne

Night-time images

The night-time photos can be extremely stunning,However, they require a lot of knowledge and experience from the photographer. In low light there are many factors that affect a photo that you, as a photographer, must control.One of them is the correct use of ISO values. With this course you will learn how to set the light andwhen and how to use the light,the flash, as well as the amazing "effects" of drawing with light.

Zdjęcia Makro

Macro photos

These photos are mainly based on large close-ups. With practically every camera you will be able to shoot a macro. However, you need knowledge that will allow you to present the subject in an interesting way. Accessories will also be helpful, without which macro photography will be much more difficult. The training will allow you to learn how to combine all these elements to achieve interesting and special effects.

fotografia krajobrazowa

Landscape photography

You want to know how to frame? What to look out for? What is very important in this area of photography? This is the beginning of the questions that every photographer asks himself. When it comes to landscape photography, these are the most common subjects to frame. With this course you will find the answers to many questions, as well as topics such as the "golden hour" or the lighting scale. You will also learn about the use of photo filters and how to take panoramic pictures properly.

Zdjęcia sportowe

Sports photos

What distinguishes photography is its dynamics. With this course you will learn how to take dynamic pictures properly,how to handlethe exposure time or focal length. Panning and zoom effect are also most commonly used in this type of pictures.

zdjęcia w zimie i na plaży

Pictures in winter and on the beach

Not everyone can skilfully photograph snow-coveredpeaks or a sunny beach. Many factors influence the good effects of photos. You will also learn such things from this material. You will learn without any problems.what it is, how it works, and how to use light measurement. Great.It has value herealso white balance and exposure, which are also discussed in detail in the course.

Table of contents


  • Introduction1m 04s
  • History of photography3m 57s
  • Digital and analogue photography3m 06s
  • The correct choice of apparatus5m 24s
  • Selection of accessories8m 06s
  • What is conscious photography about?6m 48s

2.the basics of operation

  • Terms present in the 10m39sphotograph
  • Digital camera construction2m 58s
  • Image formats7m 21s
  • Image resolution4m 18s
  • Flash - Flash3m 59s
  • Aperture5m 42s
  • Exposure time3m 52s
  • ISO4m 01s
  • Exposition3m 48s
  • PASM6m 07s
  • White balance8m 30s -See free lesson

3.the basics of operation

  • Switching on2m 58s
  • How to hold the camera properly4m 00s
  • Camera and tripod5m 34s
  • Memory cards 4m18s

4.light in photography

  • Hard light / Soft light 4m 39s
  • Spotlight, added, mixed2m 09s
  • Where is the light coming from?6m 50s
  • Lighting scale3m 32s
  • Summary1m 15s

5.portrait photography

  • Portrait types 6m 08s
  • Framing6m 26s
  • From what angle to photograph a portrait2m 45s
  • Where and how to look3m 59s
  • Useful tips4m 30s
  • Black and white photography3m 47s
  • Photographiclenda 3m34s


  • Introduction 4m 02s
  • Types of perspectives2m 01s
  • Focal point and perspective1m 39s
  • Focal length and depth of field3m 03s
  • Linear perspective2m 39s
  • Effects in perspective2m 49s

7.night-time photos

  • Introduction 6m 18s
  • City by night3m 13s
  • Landscape at night5m 31s
  • Portrait at night4m 14s
  • Drawing with light7m 37s -See free lesson
  • ISO in night-time images4m 09s
  • Flash5m 50s

8thPhotography Macro

  • Introduction 2m 26s
  • Selection of equipment4m 40s
  • Focus2m 36s
  • Subjects of photography5m 12s
  • Useful accessories3m 50s

9.Landscape photography

  • Introduction 2m 47s
  • "The Golden Hour"3m 31s
  • Photo filters8m 10s -See free lesson
  • The secrets of landscape art3m 26s
  • How to frame properly4m 13s
  • Lighting scale3m 32s
  • Panoramas5m 26s


  • Introduction 4m 39s
  • Focal length 3m 53s
  • Exposure time 6m 08s
  • Panorama and ZOOM effect 4m 22s
  • Be in action 3m 10s


  • Introduction 3m 57s
  • Light measurement 3m 56s
  • White Balance 4m 17s
  • Composition 4m 52s
  • Exposition 5m 07s
  • Photos on the beach 4m 51s


  • Editing photographs5m 38s
  • Completion1m 03s

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