Course Angular - professional working techniques - ON-LINE version

Angular course - professional working techniques - ON-LINE version

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With this course you will learn how to create complete applications using the Angular 6 framework and Google Firebase services. You will learn about working techniques used in commercial projects. Knowledge of these technologies is very often required by employers.

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What will you learn?

  • How to create a backend using Google Firebase
  • Validation of dynamic forms
  • Placing applications on GitHub Pages
  • How to make your application safe and efficient
  • How to load modules on demand
  • Creating user registrations
  • How to add notifications to applications
  • Use of reusable components Angular Material

Need to learn about Angular? Looking for a course based on the latest version of this framework? If you want to learn techniques that are used in commercial projects, this course is for you. The author shows how to design a complete flight application. For this purpose he uses a modern technological stack: Google Firebase, Angular Fire and Angular Material. Many employers require knowledge of these technologies.

By choosing this course, you will learn much more!


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Backend with Firebase

One of the best tools used to build the applicationbackend is Google Firebase. It provides all the necessary services to monitor and develop applications in one place. The author shows how to combine them with the Angular framework and the Angular Fire library. You will learn how to create user registration and send and receive information about flights. Thanks to that you will learn how to communicate with Firebase services.

Modern front with Angular Material

Angular Material is one of the most popular libraries with reusable components. Its knowledge is often appreciated by employers as it is used in many commercial projects. It allows for quick creation of views, e.g. registration and login of users. The course shows how to create dynamic forms and how to perform correct validation. It also teaches how to display notifications to users after tasks performed.

Efficiency and security

The author of the course shows many useful tips and tricks. He teaches best practices on application performance, e.g. OnPlush strategy or loading modules on demand. By creating so-called guards, he shows what are the secrets of routing. With their help you will protect against unauthorized users access to application views.

GitHub Pages

Finally, there is a presentation how to put the final version of the application on GitHub Pages. This allows you to show and show off your program to other developers and employers.

Universal working techniques

How to use the course?

When buying the course you get access to our training platform. In order to use the course you only need access to the Internet. The courses can be conveniently viewed through any browser or mobile application for Android and iOS.

Table of contents

  1. Preparation of the environment
      • Introduction to application 05m09s
      • Materials 01m41s
      • Preparation of the technological stack 07m19s
      • We meet Firebase 04m18s
      • Firebase connection to application 04m45s
      • AngularMaterial module 08m14s
  2. Displaying data from Firebase
      • We create application routing 08m21s
      • FlightsModules and application header 10m01s
      • We download the 14m 33s flight list
      • Flight card 14m00s
  3. Reactive forms
      • AngularMaterial Dialog 05m33s
      • MatDialogue Content 04m16s
      • Global settings MatDialog 04m28s
      • Template and MatFormField 05m19s
      • FormBuilder and forummaker model 07m00s
      • Dynamic forms - add crew members 08m 12s
      • FormArray and Dynamic Form Model 14m26s
      • Validation of form 07m03s - seefree lesson
      • Mat-error and Mat-hint 08m06s
      • We're sending a flight to Firebase 09m38s
      • MatSnackbar - we add notifications 06m17s
  4. Routing params and loading data into forms
      • Modal with flight details 08m37s
      • Flight detail editing a routing params 03m55s
      • Edit flight 18m42s
      • We send data to the 05m55s server
      • Deletion of flight 04m53s
  5. Loginand registration
      • Login view 02m44s
      • FireAuthModule 09m32s
      • Let's display the logged-in user 03m51s
      • User logout 03m17s - seefree lesson
      • CanActivate Guard - we defend access to views 06m 54s
      • User registration 05m 46s
  6. The last touches
      • Lazy loading modules 06m 06s
      • Own form validator 04m54s
      • Wildcard 03m53s
      • OnPush strategy 05m53s
  7. Creating visualization from scratch
      • JIT vs AOT build 03m25s
      • Deploy on Github pages 09m37s
      • End of 01m22s

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