Video course Programming school in C language - ON-LINE version

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The course is designed for beginners who want to quickly understand all the important C concepts and start creating their own programs. Classical C is a popular, versatile and easy to learn language. Electronic version - to download.

Video course Programming school in C language - ON-LINE version
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  • You want to learn programming but don't know where to start?
  • Wondering what language to choose to start so you can easily start writing finished programs?
  • You have a problem with understanding the lessons about the basics of programming?
  • Are you familiar with the theory, but you still do not have enough practical knowledge?
  • You want to combine electronics with programming but you are lacking in knowledge and you don't know if you can do this?


Check out our course of the programming in the C language!

The course is designed for beginners who want to quickly understand all the important C concepts and start creating their own programs. Classical C is a popular, versatile and easy-to-learn language so it is a smart choice for those who want to start their adventure with programming. Even a basic knowledge of C will help you much faster with learning other programming languages, such as C++ or C#.



The trailer of the course.


How does it work? The training was prepared to maximally reduce the time spent on the learning. You can also watch the training videos and to write your own program codes thus, you will quickly master the skills required for each programmer.


A boxed or electronic version? - check out the tutorial.


What is included in the course?

With this course, you will easily learn all the most important questions related to programming in C - from preparing the working environment to more complex issues like arrays or pointers. You will gain knowledge that is crucial for the further development of your skills.


Many of the devices you use every day are based on software written in C. This popular language serves, i.a. for programming microcontrollers or Arduino boards (check also the Course Arduino from scratches). If you want to combine electronics with programming but you don't know where to start because you don't know the basics of programming in the C language, this course will be a great choice.




The course begins with the preparation of the development environment. The narrator shows how to install Code::Block which is a very popular working environment among the C programmers. You will learn how to use its almost unlimited possibilities and, thanks to it, work faster and more efficiently.


We write a program

In this section, presented are relevant issues that will allow you to understand the idea of programming and start creating your own projects. Thoroughly discussed was the structure of the program, the use of variables and comments which help to maintain order in the code. At this stage, you will face the first challenge! The narrator has developed a list of practical tasks, elimination of which will help you to consolidate your knowledge. In subsequent chapters you will learn the action of the input statement, the application of indicators and first functions. Indicators and functions are very important issues in programming so here, you will also find several issues to solve.



Conditional statements and loops

The interaction of the program with the user would not have been possible without the participation of the conditional statements. This is another important issue that is easy to learn by repeating, step by step, the actions that occur on screen. In the next stage, you will also learn how to use loops and how to choose its right look to solve the problem.


You want to automate certain processes in your program? Use functions! In this chapter, we have discussed all the important issues related to functions, i.e. statements, sending  arguments and returning values.

Arrays and additional issues

In the next stage of training, you will learn how to work with arrays. You will be able to practice reading and writing the arrays on practical examples of finished programs, as well as to work with two-dimensional arrays. At the end of the training, you will get acquainted with more complex examples, such as recursive functions, and recording and reading data from a file. Don't worry if you do not understand all of these terms – after completing the course, you will be able to write your own programs and to develop skills in almost everything!


The contents


  • Greeting 4m 31s
  • Work with the materials 2m 10s
  • Installation
  • Installing the Code::Block 5m 32s
  • Compilation of the first program 8m 28s
  • C or C++ 5m 00s



We write the programmes

  • Program structure 5m 27s
  • Single and block comment 4m 21s
  • Differences between the output statements 7m 51s
  • Variables 9M 51s
  • Task no 1 1m 15s
  • The solution of the task no 1 2m 24s
  • The types of variables 9M 28s
  • Variable values 4m 58s
  • Task no 2 1m 09s
  • The solution of the task no 2 2m 14
  • Range of variables 10m 21s
  • Constants 5m 41s
  • Indicators 7m 40s
  • Actions on variables 13m 25s
  • The input statement I / o 8m 04s
  • Function of exponentiation 7m min 06
  • A function of extraction of the root 4m 59s
  • Task no 3 1m 14s
  • The solution of the task no 3 6m 22s
  • Rounding out 7m 38s
  • Random function 4m 36s



Conditional statements and loops

  • The IF statement 9M 09s
  • The IF ELSE statement 9M 14s
  • Task no 4 0m 52s
  • The solution of the task no 4 4m 33s
  • The CASE statement 8m 12s
  • Task no 5 1m 09s
  • The solution of the task no 5 8m 59s
  • FOR loops 8m 26s
  • Task no  6 0m 45s
  • The solution of the task no 6 3m 04s
  • Nesting the loop 8m 14s
  • The WHILE loop 4m 53s
  • DO WHILE loop 4m 42s
  • Interruption and continuation of the loop 6m 43s




  • The declaration of function 7m 18s
  • Sending argument to a function 4m 24s
  • Returning values from a function 6m 13s
  • Task no 7 0m 41s
  • The solution of problem no 7 5m 45s




  • The definition of arrays 6m 47s
  • Reading from array 5m 13s - see a free lesson
  • Record to the array 4m 22s
  • Task no 8 0m 58s
  • The solution of the task no 8 5m 48s
  • Two-dimensional arrays 10m 04s
  • Data in two-dimensional arrays 6m 52s



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