Jakub Kałka

Nothing is impossible for him and he gladly helps everyone. e loves everything which is Chinese - from soups to electronics. Anime and airsoft fan.

Maciej Figiel

Versatile, he is eager to take on challenges because he thinks it is the fastest way to progress. e values contact with nature and an active rest. Automotive and new technologies enthusiast.

Oskar Pacelt - Botland Blog

Oskar Pacelt

Fan of good literature and music. He believes that a successful text is like a letter sent to the future. In life, he is most interested in the truth, other interests are impossible to count. He loves to swim.

Marcin Lesiński Botland blog

Marcin Lesiński

Lover of electronics, 3D print and applied science. He has collected his knowledge since he was 14. He creates projects and guide books for clients in Botland. He spends his free time on automatic cultivation and prototyping. Rock music and British movies fan.

Aleksandra Kempińska - Botland Blog

Aleksandra Kempińska

With Botland for a long, long time. She has excellent administration skills. la’s mainly interested in specifics and librarian accuracy. killful proofreader with an eagle eye and a forgiving heart for language mistakes. Financial documents described with a mark “take me” left at the center of a room would be safe with her.

Anna Wieczorek Botland blog

Anna Wieczorek

Woman in a man’s robotic world. With Botland since forever. Esthete who is everywhere. She believes that sleep can wait. After work, she loves culture and Spanish cuisine.

Sandra Marcinkowska

Energetic and crazy - everyone who knows her, describes her that way. Energetic bomb who helps even on those bad days. She doesn’t have time to complain and takes life to the fullest. She’s interested in all of the things which are practical and make life easier. Gadget lover.

Mateusz Mróz

Dreamer, fan of travels and technology news. He is eager to turn his ideas for Raspberry Pi and Arduino into reality. Stubborn autodidact - he asks for help only when the internet browser doesn’t have answers he is looking for. He thinks that everyone can achieve their goals with the right attitude.