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Raspberry Pi 5 Premiere!

In the world of technology, every once in a while, products appear that truly exhilarate us. One such device that will undoubtedly capture the hearts of enthusiasts and industry experts is the latest iteration of the popular Pi – Raspberry Pi 5.

New Raspberry Pi boards premiere. Meet the new Pico!

And we’ve finally got it – the world is welcoming new versions of the small yet reliable Raspberry Pi Pico board and we’re rushing to introduce you to their capabilities. See what new and interesting things this launch brings.

How to start your adventure with Raspberry Pi?

Raspberry Pi minicomputers have been steadily gaining more and more publicity over the past few years, and projects based on them are only fuelling the trend. Would you like to start your adventure with them too? Check it out!

How to connect a display to Raspberry Pi?

Connecting a display to your Raspberry Pi gives you additional capabilities and is essential for many projects. Check out which display to choose for your Raspberry Pi and how to connect it!

One heart, various bodies – a comparison of RP2040 boards

The RP2040 microcontroller has proven to be a very successful design which has resulted in its high popularity. This has been confirmed in particular by its use in many different boards from other manufacturers. What are the differences between them?

How to install Android on a Raspberry Pi?

Many different operating systems can be installed on Raspberry Pi minicomputers. There is no reason why it should not be Android. Find out how to do it step by step!

Installing Windows 10 on a Raspberry Pi 4

Raspberry Pi users are used to Linux being king in the world of SBC minicomputers, but Windows 10 can also be installed on them with equal success.

LineageOS, aka Android on Raspberry Pi 4

Single board minicomputers are mostly associated with classic Linux systems, usually based on Debian. But is it worth installing Android on a Raspberry Pi?

Mini satellites with Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi conquers space! Find out the details of the world’s first mini-satellite with a heart that beats like a Raspberry Pi Zero.

Python programming on Raspberry Pi

Python holds the top spot among programming languages. What is the reason for its success and why are Raspberry Pi programmers so keen to use it?

Ranking of the best 3D games for Raspberry Pi

Despite their small size and relatively simple design, Raspberry Pi minicomputers are great for gaming. We present our ranking of 3D games for the ‘Raspberry’.

Raspberry Pi 5 – what do we expect?

What’s new in Raspberry Pi 5? What can we expect? Here are the most frequently mentioned expectations for the new version of the Raspberry Pi mini-computer.

Building a NAS server – Raspberry Pi 4

The security of important files can be ensured with little cost and effort – just configure your Raspberry Pi properly as a… NAS server.

Watching Netflix on Raspberry Pi 3

Many of us can’t imagine an afternoon or evening without access to streaming media. But is it possible to harness a Raspberry Pi to work with Netflix?

Building Android TV on Raspberry Pi

Want to enjoy a home entertainment centre without investing a lot of money in buying a ready-made network player? Run Android TV on your Raspberry Pi!

Programming your weather station

Making your own weather station has been a long-standing project for almost every electronics enthusiast – a handful of practical tips and tricks will come in handy.

An intelligent old car? Is it possible?

The dream of an intelligent vehicle does not have to remain in the realm of desire. Today, every owner of four wheels can put a pinch of modernity into their car.

Which Raspberry Pi emulator to choose?

Enthusiasts of vintage computers and iconic consoles don’t need to invest in expensive vintage machines – a Raspberry Pi with a suitable emulator will suffice.