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News in Botland #66

It’s another April news in the Botland store this time! This month we have prepared some really special products for you – take a look at the offer! We are confident that there is something for everyone.

News in Botland #65

Spring is getting closer – time for new passions and starting innovative projects! We invite you to discover our latest offerings and develop your passions together with Botland!

Use of nylon in 3D printing

As 3D printing becomes more widespread, so does the number of different types of filament from which our 3D models can be made. Let’s take a look at the nylon variant. What can be printed from it and what are its features?

Costs of 3D printers and their maintenance

3D printing is undoubtedly a technology of the future that we can enjoy right now. Unfortunately, behind such pleasure there are also quite significant costs. In this article, we will summarise how much weight our wallet will lose.

3D food printing. Not science-fiction anymore

Food from 3D printing is getting close! Already, more and more robots replace humans in cooking, but what does the future hold? See how 3D printing is gaining its place in the kitchen.

3D printing in construction industry

It turns out that 3D printing is not limited to the micro-scale, but is actually making its way into the construction industry. Everything seems to indicate that we are in for quite a revolution, as the projects so far are impressive and the possibilities are growing.

The history of 3D printing – where did it start?

Everything has a beginning, and we’ve traced the history of 3D printing year by year. See how it all started, and why 3D printing technology isn’t disappearing from the lips of experts, fans and makers.

3D printing pojects – what’s what.

The right design for your 3D printer will allow you to print anything you dream of! Find out what you need to know about 3D printer projects.

Modern 3D photo printing – Litophane

3D printing technology makes it possible to create many different ornaments. As it turns out, 3D printing of photos can also be an interesting proposition.

Which 3D pen to choose for a child?

3D printing as an ad-hoc solution is not only for creators and engineers – for a child it can be like an enchanted pen to develop imagination. Check out which 3D pen will be good for your child.

3D printer – what parts is it made of?

3D printers are growing in popularity, yet many people still miss out on what they are actually made of. Reading this article will help you catch up!

Modern 3D wall inscriptions

Three-dimensional wall decorations are breaking records in popularity. Their production represents an interesting challenge for artistically talented makers.

Amazing 3D wall paintings

Decorations using spatial effects have become commonplace in the interior design industry. How to use the potential of 3D images?

The best 3D wall decorations

Decorations for houses, flats or commercial buildings today surprise with their creativity! Modern technologies make it possible to achieve any form of decoration.