AI flirting
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How does AI flirt?

Embarrassment, embarrassment and untranslatable cringe. On the other hand, an interesting and constructive experience from the point of view of artificial intelligence research. Let’s see how machine learning deals with the difficult art of flirting.

Interesting facts

Bots – what are they?

Robots are not only physical wonders of technology as we know them from factories or science-fiction works – they also exist virtually as bots – fortunately not only the notorious calling bots!

#d printing in construction industry
3D printing

3D printing in construction industry

It turns out that 3D printing is not limited to the micro-scale, but is actually making its way into the construction industry. Everything seems to indicate that we are in for quite a revolution, as the projects so far are impressive and the possibilities are growing.

What's New at Botland?
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What’s New at Botland? #51

A lot of interesting new products have arrived on Botland’s shelves since the last news review. Be warned – today we are discussing only the big fish and novelties that have made some noise in the world. Check out what’s new in Botland!

New products from SparkFun

New products from SparkFun part 2

In your search for ready-made and easy-to-use modules, you must have come across Sparkfun tiles. Check together with us what new offers the producer of characteristic red tiles for the second time!

Arduino Prototyping

Arduino: where to start?

Would you like to start your electronics and programming adventure with Arduino boards? You’ll see where you should start – the article includes first steps, programming environment and accessories.