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Arduino: where to start?

Would you like to start your electronics and programming adventure with Arduino boards? You’ll see where you should start – the article includes first steps, programming environment and accessories.

New MyoWare 2.0 sensors from SparkFun!

With the sensors offered by today’s advanced electronics, we can monitor the state of our bodies, keep fit or make our lives easier. And what possibilities will the new MyoWare 2.0 sensors offer?

Building a robot and an RC car with Arduino

Building your own robot sounds like the crowning achievement of a scientific career. However, modern educational and maker trends offer simple, even homemade alternatives – find out on the Botland Blog.

How to connect LCD display to Arduino?

LCD displays are a very good complement to devices and significantly improve their functionality. But how to properly connect them, for example to an Arduino minicomputer?

How to connect the motor to the Arduino?

Connecting a motor is a fairly uncomplicated process, but to avoid mishaps or even damage to the equipment, it is worth knowing the theoretical basics beforehand.

Arduino wireless communication

WiFi communication with Arduino opens access to a world of new possibilities. Sometimes it requires us to do more than run the device, but fortunately there are special modules for this.

Arduino programming language

Arduino minicomputers are some of the most popular development boards – find out what the programming language dedicated to this device looks like.

What are Arduino operators?

Programming is not difficult as long as you know some basic elements of programming syntax. In this article you will learn what operators are, which enable you not only to perform calculations.

What types of variables do we have in Arduino?

Variables in programming are some of the most important elements that constitute the code of a program. This also applies to programming on the Arduino platform.

Building a server with Arduino

By equipping the Arduino with an Ethernet Shield, you can turn it into a simple web server, and by accessing this server with a browser running on any computer connected to the same network as the Arduino, you can perform a variety of tasks.

Arduino clones – are they worth anything?

There is no denying that Arduino boards have become a real hit all over the world. This is evidenced not only by the number of sold blue boards, but also by numerous clones of this platform. Are they worth attention as much as the original?

How to measure voltage with Arduino

We can measure basic electrical quantities such as voltage and current using a multimeter, but we can also create a measuring circuit from scratch!

Arduino pinout description

Arduino is a platform that was created for programming. Nevertheless, it is also important to know its hardware layer.

MPPT charge controller on Arduino

Charging a battery consists in connecting it to a DC voltage source with the appropriate current capacity. It turns out that the charging process itself can be properly optimised for overall efficiency – just use Arduino!