Category: Compendium

Parallel and series connection of batteries

Just as there is no shipping without wind, electronic devices and electrical circuits will not work without the proper power source. But how do you combine batteries to achieve the appropriate parameters for your project?

PLA, PETG, ASA – differences

Quick cheat sheet covering the description of three popular types of 3D filaments. Because we love filaments.

ESP32 – connection with DS18B20 temperature sensor

Small size, great communication capabilities, affordable price. In this tutorial we connect an ESP32 module to DS18B20 temperature sensor and read sensor data both on serial monitor and in a browser.

What is Faraday cage and how it works?

Faraday’s solutions are still used today by the investigators and various law enforcement agencies worldwide. What is a Faraday cage and how to protect yourself against RFID pickpocketing?

Raspberry Pi – frequently asked questions

What is Raspberry Pi? How does Raspberry Pi work? What to do with it? Unnecessary questions do not exist. Let’s not be afraid of them and look at Raspberry Pi like a toddler with proper curiosity.