Easy ways to turn any room into smart home space – part 2

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Smart home solutions for living room, garden and driveway/garage

Lounge room is a room where you live. There are lots of things you can do there, but the best is to relax, receive guests and indulge your interests and hobbies unhindered.

Living room, TV room

First logical suggestion on the list seems to be perhaps the most common device around which household members gather in the living room – how about a smart home TV?

Android Box Smart TV

TV smartboxes have reigned on the market for a long time and there are really many of them, but they do not have to be expensive at all.

Android Box Smart TV is a solution for everyone who would like to use multimedia functions on their TV, but do not have the appropriate equipment. We can watch TV series with it, contact with friends on social media, browse the Internet, play games and use applications on the big screen. We can choose a model depending on our needs and what functions we require from our TV.

Smart TV

Boxes are practically ready to connect and run. They communicate via WiFi or LAN. So all you need is a power supply and internet connection, and you can use the YouTube, Netflix and other streaming platforms. More about the hardware, capabilities and contents of the sets on the product pages under the tile above.

Home control - central unit and universal remote control

If you already have some smart home devices in your home, and the living room is the heart of the home (not to detract from the fridge from the first part of this article series), we can create a small command center there right from the comfy couch. The way to do this is with BroadLink control panels – universal remotes controlled via Wi-Fi from an app on your phone. To lighten up – control panel and universal remote are often terms used interchangeably here.

Remote controllers for smart home communication

BroadLink modules that you can find in category under button above allows you to complete your devices and accessories into your own set of hardware that will turn any space into smart home. With BroadLink remote controls, you can remotely control multiple devices simultaneously. They work with Google and Alexa smart assistants – just give a voice command. The range of the remote control in the RM4C PRO version is 360°. An interesting, and still among many completely unassociated function is the IR codes – with the use of infrared we can save in the memory of the device learning manually as many as 50000 IR codes. This opens the way to operating devices such as TV sets, audio equipment, roller-blind controllers, air conditioners or fans. You can also create work schedules at will.


Wild English-type one, neat and tidied-up French, or maybe Japanese? One just for aesthetics, or maybe one for digging in the dirt. There are gardens, crops and terraces. According to many people, nature should be able to develop on its own, but instead of constantly putting our nosy hands to  it, we can use technology to help it develop and watch over it unnoticed.

Always safe - weather control

Monitoring, not controlling – so far we do not have such ideas yet. Weather stations and similar devices are ideal for owners of gardens with sensitive plants and those undergoing major upgrades.

Weather stations

Weather stations are used to measure current weather conditions. Usually one has to look at the electronic display and it’s enough to know what to expect. On board we will find various devices such as hygrometer, thermometer, barometer, wind meter and of course a clock with a calendar. Invaluable help not only for owners of gardens and crops.

Plants need to drink - irrigation controllers

Even more importantly, sun and water are key strategic resources in the garden. A controller for automating the process of irrigating green areas with a high leakage class is an easy way to set the desired schedule, that is, the time between each period of watering plants. Toolcraft controllers have an ECO mode, which allows you to optimize water consumption. The well-known AA batteries are sufficient for operation. For specific functions, such as number of watering cycles per day or setting the desired watering delay, as well as technical specifications, please refer to the product pages.

Toolcraft Easy Duo watering controller
Toolcraft watering controller

When it comes to garden it’s also worth taking a look at the article below.

Garage and driveway

Our home has a built-in or attached garage, and our car, motorcycle or other vehicle is protected from the destructive forces of elements, thieves and such. But is the room itself and the road leading to it equally safe?

It takes strength, so get a grip - actuators, jacks, powerjacks

Lifters, actuators… every garage knows them. Lift and slide gate operators are the first step to an automated garage. They’re already widespread and can hardly be called a great innovation, or maybe not even smart, but many of us still use traditional garage doors. If you happen to be planning on installing an electric door, then an electric actuator will be a must.

The electric linear actuator reigns supreme in Botland’s offerings. These are devices that convert rotary motion from an electric motor to linear motion. They are used in car locks, electric locks, smart building systems, agricultural machinery, high-tech robots and industrial automation systems. So electric actuators are some of the most important components when building moving parts. Thanks to them, we can build a linear motor with the right range of motion, and the whole thing will be safe in use and resistant to weather conditions.

Electric linear actuators

The controllers mainly use radio remote controls operating at 433 MHz.

Drivers for linear actuators


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Oskar Pacelt

Oskar Pacelt

Head author on Botland Blog. Oskar believes that any successful text is like a letter sent to the future. Deals with general QA (i.e. making co-workers miserable), translations, SEO and curiosities & tidbits from the world of technology. Classic rock and rap enthusiast. Hobbies: swimming and truth.
Oskar Pacelt

Oskar Pacelt

Head author on Botland Blog. Oskar believes that any successful text is like a letter sent to the future. Deals with general QA (i.e. making co-workers miserable), translations, SEO and curiosities & tidbits from the world of technology. Classic rock and rap enthusiast. Hobbies: swimming and truth.

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