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B&W type 6700 suitcase for DJI Phanton 4 / Pro / Advanced / Obsidian - black

B&W case type 6700 in black, dedicated for DJI Phantom 4 / Pro / Advanced / Obsidian drone with accessories. The case is made of solid material , which effectively...
Index: INN-14392
Index: INN-14392
Discontinued product
Regular price €316.90 Price €316.90

Suitcase for DJI Phantom 4 drone

Protective suitcase for the quadcopter DJI Phantom 4, with which you can safely transport all the equipment. In addition to the drone with the set of propellers, you can fit in...
Index: ROB-06409
Index: ROB-06409
Discontinued product
Regular price €157.50 Price €157.50

Walizka do DJI Phantom 1/2/Vision/Vision +

Protective case for the DJI Phantom quadrocopter, which allows you to safely transport all equipment. In addition to the drone itself with the propellers mounted, the box will...
Index: ROB-03373
Index: ROB-03373
Discontinued product
Regular price €178.90 Price €178.90
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Considering the above, at Botland we offer the opportunity to purchase the best transport suitcases for drones and accessories. All products have been created especially for these applications. By choosing original or universal, but proven, products in the Botland store, you are guaranteed the highest quality. Transport cases will serve you for many long years without having to replace them. These are elements of the equipment of every professional drone operator. They are inseparable companions of filmmakers, not only distant travels, but even shorter trips out of town. That is why we offer comfortable backpacks and suitcases, enabling safe and ergonomic transport of both amateur and the most professional drones.

Do you want to go on a trip with a drone? No problem at all!

If you want to capture your holiday travels or sports feats on breathtaking aerial photos, you must ensure your drone's safety. To this end, the primary duty is to obtain a good transport suitcase for the drone you have.

We present transport cases for amateur and professional drones. Transport of drones from the semi-professional segment - Yuneec Q500 - is possible using a dedicated backpack. These drone backpacks allow you to place the drone body (with the propellers removed) outside the main compartment, in a special carrier fastened with strong straps to the top of the backpack. This design ensures safe transport of Yuneec drones while maintaining full convenience. This is an interesting alternative to the classic drone suitcase, because it is very comfortable. The backpack also has a larger capacity. On the other hand, when it comes to mechanical strength, a hard, durable suitcase will always work best.

Drone backpacks and suitcases – choose the drone transport method that suits you best

Backpacks were designed in a form similar to a suitcase. The backpack's special base has high-quality shock-absorbing foam that adapts to the shape of the drone. In addition to the central socket, which houses the body of the multi-rotor, on the sides and at the bottom and at the top of the backpack, there are grooves for placing the other parts of the drone and all the necessary equipment.

We also offer suitcases dedicated to carry DJI Phantom 4 drones and other flying machines. Classic suitcases will be slightly less handy than backpacks, but they guarantee 100% professionalism and protection against damage. It is very important that the suitcases for drones do not require removing propellers. Thanks to this, the drone is ready to fly as soon as it is removed from the special foam bed, ideally suited to the shape of the quadrocopter body. Suitcases are suitable for both car and air transport. Get your product now that guarantees the drone transport you need!