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Li-Fe batteries

There are more and more modern devices which require more and more technologically advanced batteries. Mobile devices are becoming smaller and smaller, but much more efficient than a few years ago. Drones have appeared, the possibilities of which are also expanding every year, apart from large flying devices, they are also small, very discreet. In some cases, the popular and commonly used lithium-polymer and lithium-ion rechargeable batteries do not work well. What we need is something more, something that will match the pace of development of modern electronic equipment market. The answer to all the requirements and expectations on its part is a Li-Fe battery, i.e. a lithium-iron-phosphate battery. It is an alternative to other batteries, where limited mass density or the adverse effect of the increase in current capacity on the operation of the device may prove to be a disadvantage. This can result in an increased risk of burns and damage. Li-Fe batteries therefore appear to be the best option for the most demanding and technologically advanced projects.

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Lithium-iron-phosphate Redox rechargeable battery. Charging current: 1C (1,8 A), weight 90 g, dimensions 92 x 31 x 16 mm .
Index: ANF-10960
Index: ANF-10960
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What makes lithium-iron-phosphate batteries outstanding?

Most often we use the name Li-Fe batteries, they are one of the varieties of lithium-ion batteries. However, they differ in the basic chemical component used. In their case it is lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4), hence the name of the battery. The compound has many properties that have made it suitable for use in electronic equipment with very high technological requirements. It is a compound insoluble in water and also inorganic. Li-Fe batteries are characterized by very good stability in difficult conditions, working at high temperature. Moreover, they have a high energy density. They are appreciated for their long service life, which is due to their limited failure rate and slower wear. If we decide on large Li-Fe packages, their high level of safety is certainly a big advantage. In this respect, it definitely wins with the remaining lithium batteries. It is also different when it comes to nominal Li-Fe, which is 3.3V and not 3.7V. This is another significant difference.

In what situations do Li-Fe batteries come in handy?

Lithium-iron-phosphate batteries are distinguished by their high energy density. Moreover, they are appreciated for their high level of safety. All of this affects the wide range of their use in a wide variety of industries and areas of the electronics industry. They are best suited for use where large packages with very high current capacity are required. They are very well suited to the automotive industry, namely to modern electric cars, which are becoming increasingly popular. There is a vision that they will dominate the market of the future moto. Li-Fe batteries will also perform very well in other vehicles, such as electric scooters, which are becoming more and more popular on city roads every month and will soon be able to compete with bikes. Li-Fe batteries also attracted the interest of photovoltaic farm developers. Due to the dynamic development of renewable energy, it was decided to develop and improve the power supply used in it. There is also a good chance that in the near future such batteries will be used in drones.

Li-Fe batteries are now available in our shop in a very wide range of products. This will allow you to carry out the most ambitious projects in which you have so far seen limitations. You can use them to improve your electronic equipment and thus increase its efficiency and safety. We offer Li-Fe batteries, which are small in size, but with great possibilities. There is, among others, a package with a capacity of 1800 mAh, output voltage of 6.6 V and charging current of 1 C, as well as other proposals that are worth considering when choosing. Maybe in your case the modern Li-Fe battery will be a better solution than other lithium batteries. Check it out!