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Intel - module accessories

Intel is a renowned manufacturer of computer electronics and a well-known leader in the production of modern computer processors. It belongs to the group of the most future-oriented, new-technology American companies. Nevertheless, the manufacturer is known not only for computer components. Electronic modules in the field of Internet of Things designed by the world-famous Intel company quickly won the hearts of many DIY enthusiasts and professional constructors. These devices offered lovers of modern solutions the enormous computing power of Intel Atom processors. An additional advantage is the support for Intel HD Graphics GPU graphics, as well as a large amount of built-in memory and a wide range of wireless WiFi / Bluetooth communication. Regardless of the exorbitant parameters, Intel minicomputers need basic accessories to work, which you will find in various versions in this category. Below you will see the best accessories for Intel microcomputer modules and related Internet of Things projects. All products are original, new and of the highest premium quality. Familiarize yourself with all the products and place an order now!

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Power supply 12V/3,1A - DC plug 5,5/2,1mm

Stabilized power supply. Power supply voltage: 100 V - 240 V. Output voltage: 12 V DC. Output current: 3,1 A.
Index: ZAS-01423
Index: ZAS-01423
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Accessories for Intel IoT modules – connecting cables & cords

Intel Galileo Board microcomputer modules, as well as overlays and extensions for Intel Edison and Intel Joule minicomputers are phenomenal products. Although Intel withdrew from some of these projects recently, they are still highly appreciated due to their high technological parameters. The very type of construction, in turn, naturally requires the use of connecting cables if we want to use the above systems. Connection cables for Intel Internet of Things modules and related modules and accessories do not have to cost much.

In Botland you will find them at very low, attractive prices. It is worth buying them, because thanks to such dedicated cables you will have no problem connecting other external executive modules to your PCBs. Using the presented accessories, you can confidently apply various sensors, lighting modules and other input / output devices that you connect to the main PCB. This category also includes sets of universal cables with male-male, male-female and female-female plugs. Such cables are suitable not only for connecting modules, but also for connecting to breadboards. Choosing a kit is a great way to save money, especially as sooner or later you will surely need such connection cables in your various electronic projects.

Dedicated power supplies for Intel microcomputer modules

In addition to accessories such as connection cables, in this category we also offer you to buy dedicated power supplies. Here you will find inexpensive and efficient 12 V power supplies with a current efficiency of 2.1 A / 2.5 A. What's more, you can also be interested in more than 3 amp switching power supplies that you can connect to the mains with a two-wire cable. Power supplies dedicated to Intel modules do not require additional hardware and are fully ready to work.

If you are looking for a good power supply for the Intel Galileo Board or other electronic module, remember that it is worth checking the type and polarity of the DC plug. The point is that even very similar connectors may differ in the diameter of the inner pin: sometimes it can be 2.1 mm in size, sometimes slightly larger - 2.5 mm. Differences can also be noted in terms of polarization. Most often, the center pin is the positive pole and the metal bushing is the negative pole.

Intel modules’ accessories – prototype PCBs

Do you love electronics, have you bought the most necessary accessories for Intel modules and want to start DIY? Then make sure that the prototype board is also on your shopping list. Why is it so important?

Prototype PCBs are such boards that you can use freely for quick and stress-free building of prototypes of electronic circuits. Working on a prototype breadboard in the event of an error will not result in damage to the actual module.

They allow not only to immediately test key fragments of the designed device, and sometimes even entire electrical circuits. Taking into account the possible damage caused during the design and operation check, the purchase of prototype boards will allow you to save money. All in all, after disassembling the prototype, these products can be used for the next project. In our offer you will find not only the plates themselves, but also sets with a set of multi-colored connecting cables. You can buy a convenient and ready-to-use prototype board at a very low price. It will be suitable for powering the prototype under construction using various voltage sources.