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Intel - module accessories

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Intel Galileo - compatible with Arduino

The module is fully compatible with Arduino with performance of 32-bit Intel Pentium class processor. And how will you use it?
Index: ARD-02055
Index: ARD-02055
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Accessories for modules Intel IoT

Prototypowo – educational nature of the modules to the Intel Galileo Board, as well as overlays and extensions for mini-computer Intel Edison and Intel Joule, of course, forces the necessity of using connecting cables. They allow you to provide a link for tile Executive external modules, sensors, or lighting. So we in our store the universal sets of wires with connectors is a man,"-male, male to female and żeńsko-women, suitable not only for modules but also the connection with the contact plates.

Power supply units (not only) for modules Intel

In this category you will find a cost-effective power supply with a plug that offers output voltage of 12 V and output power of 2.1 or 2.5 A. We also have more than 3 amperowe switching power supplies that connect to the network using the implemented in the form of a two-wire line cable (which means that just as power supply units with plug – they are designed to power devices in II insulation class, without grounding). Choosing a power supply for your Intel Galileo Board, or other device, be sure to check the type and polarity of DC connector. It would seem that these compounds differ in the diameter of the inner bolt (2.1 mm or 2.5 mm) and the polarity (often the center bolt is the positive pole and the metallic sleeve – weight, i.e. the negative pole).

Plate contact, i.e. the prototype in a few minutes

If kompletujesz the most needed accessories for modules from Intel, be sure to make sure that the shopping list was also a conceptual contact plate. This kind of tiles are the most base for quick and easy prototyping of electronic circuits. Not only allow to immediately test the key fragments of the designed device (or even the entire system), but also to save on electronic items that – because of the lack of the necessary brazed – after rozmontowaniu prototype to use for your next project. In our offer you will find not only the plates themselves, but also sets with a set of colored wires that connect and easy to use Board that allows for power, built a prototype using a variety of power sources.