3D printer - Creality K1C

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A 3D printer from the popular K1 series equipped with a fully metal extruder , a modern Unicorn nozzle , and an AI camera . Thanks to high-quality components, the printer, in addition to standard filaments, also supports carbon fiber-supported filaments. Like other printers in this series, the K1C can reach speeds of up to 600 mm/s . Its working area has dimensions of 220 x 220 x 250 mm .
3D printer - Creality K1C
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Manufacturer: Creality

Product description: 3D printer - Creality K1C

Another model from the series of high-speed K1 printers from Creality. Despite its relatively short presence on the market, the series has managed to win the hearts of 3D printing users thanks to its uniqueness and innovative technological solutions. While the K1C shares many features with the rest of the models, Creality has introduced a number of small but significant improvements. The most important thing is the change to a strong, all-metal extruder and a new Unicorn nozzle , combining the properties of copper, titanium and hardened steel. Thanks to high-quality components, the printer, in addition to standard filaments , also supports carbon fiber-supported filaments. It is also equipped with an AI camera that monitors the printing process in real time. Like other printers in this series, the K1C can reach speeds of up to 600 mm/s , without compromising print quality. Its working area has dimensions of 220 x 220 x 250 mm , and its compact design allows you to easily place the device on a desk without taking up much space.

3D printer - Creality K1C.

The all-metal extruder is a guarantee of reliability.

Top-class extruder

The exclusive K1C printer extruder is a key element that significantly improves print quality. It is completely metal , Direct Drive type and ensures reliability and precision during operation. It is characterized by high durability and prevents filament jamming, ensuring smooth feeding, which is crucial especially when working with demanding materials.

Innovative Unicorn nozzle

The printer is equipped with a modern nozzle. Its copper body is responsible for rapid heat dissipation and accurate filament melting, while the hardened steel tip ensures wear resistance. The nozzle is integrated with a titanium alloy heatbreak , which effectively prevents heat creep (too early melting of the filament).

The nozzle combines the properties of three metals.

K1C can also work with advanced materials.

Wide compatibility with filaments

A hotend reaching temperatures of up to 300°C combined with the included PEI overlay and a closed working chamber make the K1C compatible with a very wide range of filaments, also with those with a high melting point . Such materials include filaments with an admixture of carbon fiber, which are often used in industrial printing due to their mechanical strength and wear resistance.

Built-in AI camera

The integrated intelligent camera of the K1C model provides real-time monitoring of the printing process, allowing users to observe via a smartphone or computer. The intelligent camera effectively detects various printing errors , as well as the appearance of a foreign body in the working chamber, e.g. a tool or a screw. It also allows you to create time-lapse photos or videos.

Thanks to the AI camera, you can monitor the printing process on your smartphone.

The printer uses Core XY kinematics.

Designed for speed

The printer was designed according to Core XY kinematics , which is light and at the same time very stable. Thanks to this, the device can reach speeds of up to 600 mm/s and acceleration of 20,000 mm/s 2 . The durable die-cast frame also gives the printer stability.

Efficient cooling system

The cooling system in the K1C is optimized to ensure high print quality and performance. The key elements of this system are dynamically balanced fans that cool both the hotend and the printed part. The cooling effect is enhanced by an additional fan in the working chamber , which eliminates any warping and deformation caused by overheating.

An efficient cooling system guarantees good prints.

K1C allows you to reduce the noise level during operation.

Other features of the Creality K1C printer

  • Fully assembled, calibrated and ready to use straight out of the box
  • Automatic calibration , ensuring the highest precision
  • Built-in air filter that effectively filters particles harmful to health and unpleasant, irritating odors
  • Quiet operation mode , where the noise level is below 45 dB
  • 1.2 GHz 2-core processor 8 GB ROM
  • 4.3-inch touchscreen display with user-friendly interface
  • Flexible work platform with a rough, matte surface
  • Sleep mode for lower power consumption
  • Resume printing after a power outage
  • Filament end sensor that stops printing when the filament runs out

Technical specifications of the Creality K1C printer

Printing method: FDM
Print Size: 220 x 220 x 250 mm
Nozzle temperature: up to 300°C
Table temperature: up to 100°C
Nozzle Diameter: standard: 0.4 mm (alternative: 0.6 mm and 0.8 mm)
Print accuracy: ±0.1mm
Print Thickness: from 0.1 mm to 0.35 mm
Print speed: up to 600 mm/s
Acceleration: up to 20,000 mm/s 2
Supported filament: PLA, PETG, PET, ABS, PA, ASA, PC, TPU, PLA-CF, PA-CF, PET-CF
Filament diameter: 1.75mm
Display: touch, 4.3"
Software: Creality Print, Cura
Operating mode: USB drive, WiFi
File format: STL, OBJ, AMF
Supply voltage: from 100V to 240V
Rated power: 150 W
Printer dimensions: 355 x 355 x 480 mm
Mass: 16kg

3D - print surface 220x220x250mm
3D - type of printout FFF/FDM
3D - accuracy of printing 0.1 mm
3D - hotend amount 1
3D - filament diameter 1.75 mm
3D - printing speed 600 mm/s
3D - printing thickness 0.1 - 0.35 mm
3D - nozzle temp 300 °C
3D - table temp. 100 °C
Package width 44.5 cm
Package height 57.5 cm
Package depth 43.5 cm
Package weight 16.9 kg

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