3D scanner - Revopoint POP 3 - Advanced Edition

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Another version of the POP series scanner from Revopoint. Increased efficiency, user-friendliness and thoughtful design are just a few of the advantages of POP 3. The device can scan an object at a speed of up to 18 fps , while maintaining an accuracy of up to 0.05 mm . The Advanced Edition package includes a scanner, tripod, Power Bank holder, smartphone holder, USB C adapter, USB C to USB C cable, 2-in-1 cable, small turntable, calibration mat, cover, sample bust to be scanned, markers, mounting glue, and also a two-axis rotary table .
3D scanner - Revopoint POP 3 - Advanced Edition
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Manufacturer: Revopoint

Product description: 3D scanner - Revopoint POP 3 - Advanced Edition

Another version of the POP series scanner from Revopoint. The device is made of modernized components that increase efficiency and enable the scanner to be used for more applications . Regardless of whether you are involved in creating animations, reverse engineering or 3D printing, POP 3 will always be a very good choice. Additionally, the casing carefully made of high-quality materials gives the scanner an extremely elegant look . The Advanced Edition package includes a scanner, a tripod, a Power Bank holder, a smartphone holder, a USB C adapter, a USB C to USB C cable , a 2-in-1 cable, a small turntable, a calibration mat, a cover, a sample bust to be scanned, markers, mounting adhesive, and also a two-axis rotary table .

  1 - POP 3 3D Scanner, 2 - Tripod, 3- Power Bank, 4 - Phone Holder, 5 - Type-C Adapter, 6 - USB Type-C Cable, 7 - 2-in-1 Mobile Cable, 8 - Mini Turntable, 9 - Turntable USB Cable, 10 - Calibration Board, 11 - Carrying Case, 12 - Sample Bust, 13 - Black Sheet, 14 - Markers, 15 - Glue Track, 16 - Dual-axis Turntable, 17 - Marker Topper, 18 - Reusable Sticky Pad, 19 - Dual-axis Turntable Charger.

Convenient handheld POP 3 scanner.

High performance

Don't waste time on manual measurements of objects, thanks to the POP 3 scanner you can effectively capture even the most complex surfaces and create realistic 3D models. The device reaches a speed of 12 to 18 frames per second and can scan with a precision of up to 0.05 mm, making it extremely efficient.

9-axis IMU sensor

Enjoy smooth scanning thanks to the 9-axis IMU sensor that the scanner is equipped with. The sensor accurately tracks the device's movement, effectively combining captured frames into a complete 3D model. At the same time, an advanced intelligent algorithm eliminates scanning errors caused by sudden movements or shocks.

High-quality components guarantee effective scanner results.

The built-in RGB camera allows you to accurately reproduce the texture and colors of the object.

Color scanning

Get better color and texture accuracy with a 30% larger RGB camera aperture, which allows more light to reach the marker. Dual white LEDs provide additional lighting to eliminate shadows and bring colors to life.

Fast data transfer

POP 3 supports WiFi 6.0, which provides almost three times faster data transfer compared to POP 2. This means that delays are very rare and scanning with a mobile device is fast and stable. Transfer your scans directly from your smartphone to your computer via WiFi and enjoy wonderful 3D models!

Scan conveniently using your smartphone.

Elements included in the set.

Advanced accessories

In addition to the scanner itself, the set also includes many accessories useful during the scanning process. The included two-axis rotary table ensures convenience during the scanning process. You don't have to change the position of the scanned object, the table tilts 30° to improve capture. The set also includes a handy Power Bank holder that powers the scanner during manual mode and allows it to work for up to 4 hours.

Single Scan Accuracy: 0.05mm
Resolution: 0.1mm
Working Distance: from 150 mm to 400 mm
Single scan range: 360 x 650 mm at 600 mm
Minimum scan dimensions: 20 x 20 x 20 mm
Scan Speed: from 12 fps to 18 fps
Source of light: Class 1 infrared light
Calibration: feature/marker
Color Scanning: Yes
Outdoor Scanning: Yes
Communication interface: WiFi, USB 3.0
Compatible OS: Android, iOS, Windows 10/11 (64-bit), macOS
Output Format: .ply, .obj, .stl
Dimensions: 153 x 29 x 45 mm
Mass: 190 g

Package width 28.6 cm
Package height 25.5 cm
Package depth 22 cm
Package weight 3.35 kg

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