The Botland company cooperates with suppliers from all over the world. Below is a list of our most important trading partners.

Manufacturer and inventor of the original modules from the Arduino. One of the most well known programming platforms around the world. Offers free integrated development environment Arduino IDE.

Manufacturer and supplier of popular minicomputers born under the sign of Raspberry. Wide variety of accessories and modules. Valued for specific tasks such as object sensing, environmental measurements and much more.

Manufacturer of the world's leading 3D printers. Primarily known for Creality Ender and Creality CR series devices. Botland is the official distributor of Creality 3D printers selling Europe-wide.

Manufacturer of quality electronic modules and mechanical components. Pololu products are well tested and have broad support in the form of descriptions and libraries. Its boards are marked carefully with green coating.

Manufacturer of high quality modules and systems. SparkFun products are thoroughly executed, well tested and have broad support in the form of descriptions and libraries. Its boards are marked carefully with red coating.

Manufacturer of high quality modules and systems. Very well tested, have broad support in the form of descriptions and libraries. Its boards are marked carefully with black coating.

The official distributor of the popular Raspberry Pi minicomputer and decicated accessories. Farnell company is known for its solidity and reliability and has one of the largest warehouses of electronic components worldwide.

Major supplier of memory carriers in the European market. Offers memory cards, SSDs and popular USB flash drives from the highest quality materials based on Toshiba components and technology.

Company engaged in the development and production of high-quality electronic modules. MSX products are carefully characterized by coating in black color.

Distributor of accessories for the popular Raspberry Pi minicomputer. Provides USB devices and cases for Raspberry Pi.

Manufacturer of high quality soundcards designed for Raspberry Pi minicomputer. HiFiBerry provides wide range of products thanks to which you can easily build high quality sound systems.

Manufacturer of electronic components, sensors and modules compatible with Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Known worldwide for its robots, screen and educational products.

Manufacturer of electronic components sensors and modules compatible with Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Seeedstudio Grove system provides amazing possibilities for makers and such.

Manufacturer of electronics and mechanical accessories for creating robots - and creating robots of their own design.

Manufacturer of home and industrial automation systems. Offers high quality electric actuators with professional management. Provider follows the ever-evolving technology which allows to raise the standard of living for a reasonable price.

Odroid stands for miniature, high-power computers. It was created 10 years ago and since then enjoys unflagging interest. It was the world's first portable gaming device for Android.

NanoPi producer of some of the most powerful minicomputers available.

Manufacturer of modules used in creating intelligent buildings. Blebox helps to turn your home into comfortable, economical and safe place.

Supplier of a wide range of camera modules for popular Arduino and Raspberry Pi minicomputers. The company provides products set for various conditions and for applications wider than standard web cams.

British educational platform providing kits for beginners in electronics and robotics. Designed as a gateway to the world of programming for children.

Polish company with passion for programming. Every fan of the MCU knows the publications of Atnel.

Supplier of popular parts for robots - wheels, motors, chassis, kits for self-assembly -a must-have stuff for every roboticist.

Is a manufacturer specialized in 3D printers and robotic arms. Products are characterized by high quality of material and concern for accuracy.

Itbrainpower offers a wide variety of antennas and modules for communication in standards GSM/GPRS/SMS/DTMF working with Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

Polish manufacturer of plastic casings. A wide range of products allows you to choose the right case for each electronic project.

Supplier of casings and modules compatible with Raspberry Pi.

One of the most innovative companies in the field of printed electronics in the UK. Offers a package of printed electronic products that allow the integration of electronics directly into the environment.

Provider of one of the smallest IoT modules available on the market. The company's flagship product, minicomputer Omega, is easy to use, even for those who just start their adventure with programming.

One of the leading suppliers of miniature computers with high-performance CPU. Known for Banana Pi M3, which is the most powerful module with 8 core processor.

Yato is a leading manufacturer and distributor of various tools. Designed primarily for use in DIY as well as in households.

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