Fibaro Smart Implant - Z-Wave Plus - white - FGBS-222

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Fibaro Smart Implant is a small input/output module that allows you to transform ordinary devices into intelligent management modules . It can be used in heating and garden systems. Thanks to its wide DC voltage range (from 9 V to 30 V), it is easy to install and does not interfere with the normal functioning of devices. Smart Implant makes the space more comfortable and safe.
Fibaro Smart Implant - Z-Wave Plus - white - FGBS-222
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Manufacturer: Fibaro

Product description: Fibaro Smart Implant - intelligent mini Z-Wave Plus input/output module - white - FGBS-222

Fibaro Smart Implant is a versatile smart home device that allows you to add intelligence to ordinary electrical devices at home. Smart Implant can be used in various areas, such as alarm systems or heating. It is also useful in controlling a smart garden, where it is possible, for example, to remotely water the soil or monitor the temperature and humidity of a specific area. The assembly of this small module is carried out by implementation directly into the electrical device that will be remotely controlled. The implant can be powered from various sources, and a wide voltage range from 9 V to 30 V DC ensures safety when connecting. The product does not include a power supply. The mini input/output module can control the operation of two electrical devices simultaneously .

The Fibaro smart mini relay in white lies on a white background.

Fibaro Smart Implant - intelligent mini Z-Wave Plus input/output module - white - FGBS-222.

Using the component, the user can remotely control electrical devices.

Main features of the module

  • Z-Wave Plus communication protocol
  • Enables remote control of non-intelligent electrical devices
  • You can connect two electrical devices to one mini module
  • It has a built-in temperature sensor
  • Wide supply voltage range - from 9 V to 30 V
  • Supports up to 6 DS18B20 digital temperature sensors or one DHT-22 temperature and humidity sensor
  • It is compatible with voice assistants
  • The small input/output module is mounted inside the electrical device

Intelligent input/output module

The small module from Fibaro is used to control electrical devices in the home environment. The primary purpose of an I/O module is to give intelligent features to non-intelligent electrical devices and to remotely control these devices . Smart Implant allows the user to remotely manage home lighting, a garden sprinkler or entrance and garage gates using a smartphone, remote control or gesture.

Automated scenarios

The module can support up to two electrical devices, which can be integrated with other components of the intelligent system, which allows you to create automated scenarios of the home environment. For example, it is possible to open the entrance gate and open the garage door at the same time, thanks to which the user can comfortably drive the car into the garage without physical interference.

A sticker with technical specifications is stuck to the mini relay, which lies on a white background.

The very small size of the module allows it to be installed directly in an electrical device.

The Fibaro smart mini relay in white is connected with wires and lies on a white background.

The device is integrated with the free FIBARO smartphone application.

Compatibility with voice assistants

The device is integrated with a dedicated application that has a control function using voice assistants - Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa . Thanks to this, the user can control the operation of many devices included in the intelligent environment by issuing simple voice commands and commands that provide great comfort and convenience of use.

Synchronization with the smartphone application

This product is integrated with the FIBARO application , which allows the user to remotely control all connected devices. This means that regardless of whether the user is at home, in the office or on a well-deserved vacation, he can easily manage the operation of his devices using his smartphone. This translates into time savings and greater convenience for the user.

You can download the free FIBARO application on both Android and iOS devices.

Technical specifications of the module

  • Producer: Fibaro
  • Model: Smart Implant
  • Product code: FGBS-222
  • Connectivity technology: wired and wireless
  • Wireless protocol: Z-Wave Plus
  • Z-Wave frequency: EU - 868.4 MHz, 868.42 MHz, 869.85 MHz
  • Supply voltage: 9 V to 30 V DC, power supply not included
  • Maximum output voltage: 30 V DC / 20 V AC
  • Module inputs: 2 analog or binary and 1 single-wire serial
  • Input voltage: 0V to 10V
  • Module outputs: 2, potential-free
  • Supported temperature sensors: up to 6 DS18B20 sensors or 1 DHT22 sensor
  • Mobile application: FIBARO
  • Voice assistant: Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa
  • Product color: white
  • Dimensions: 29 x 18 x 13 mm

A white Fibaro mini relay lies on a white background with a box. The mini device connects to the smartphone via the Z-Wave network gateway.

Z-Wave logo on a white background.

Z-Wave communication protocol.

Z-Wave Plus device compatibility

Z-Wave Plus is a developed version of the international Z-Wave wireless communication protocol, used in smart home systems. Z-Wave Plus introduces several key improvements that increase the reliability, performance and functionality of this protocol. Z-Wave Plus ensures reliable communication by confirming all messages in two directions every time. It enables a greater communication range, which means that devices can be separated from each other over a greater distance without loss of signal quality. It is also more energy-efficient and safer than the previous version. Despite these improvements, Z-Wave Plus is backwards compatible with Z-Wave devices, which means new and older devices can work together in one system.

Colour white
Sensor - assembly for case
Smart Home Universal Binary Sensor
Communication Z-Wave
Package width 6.5 cm
Package height 6.5 cm
Package depth 3 cm
Package weight 0.03 kg

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