BleBox GateBoxPro - WiFi gates controller - Android / iOS app

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GateBoxPro is an extended version of the ready-made controller for GateBox doors. The Pro version is distinguished by its increased range and increased class of waterproofness. The controller has been designed to open and close the gates, as well as check their status with mobile devices. GateBoxPro allows you to control the gate from anywhere in the world without the need to purchase additional devices.

BleBox GateBoxPro - WiFi gates controller - Android / iOS app
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Manufacturer: BleBox

Product description: BleBox GateBoxPro - WiFi gateway driver - Android / iOS application.

GateBoxProis an extended version of the ready-made controller for GateBox doors.The Pro version is distinguished by itsincreased range andincreased class of waterproofness.The controller has been designed to openand close the gates,as well as check their status with mobile devices. GateBoxPro allows you to control the gatefrom anywhere in the worldwithout the need to purchase additional devices or hidden charges. The device should be configured via a web browser or using the dedicated wBox application.

BleBox GateBoxPro

Gateway controller - BleBox GateBoxPro, also includes a dedicated antenna.

The device has a higher waterproofness class IP54, which allows it to be mounted outside buildings or on fence posts. GateBoxPro can control any gate, both entrance and garage gate, which has a control input to connect a button or intercom.

Larger range

The controller is equipped with RP-SMA antenna connector, to which the antenna is connected.The set includes an antenna with 5 dB gain. Using an extension cable (not included in the set), it can be placed anywhere.

Antena sterownika GateBoxPro

The 5 dB antenna is included in the set.

BleBox GateBoxPro driver communication

The GateBoxPro communication controller uses μWiF technologytoconnect to the wBox applicationor tocontrol via a web browser. The module can also be paired with BleBoxμRemoteremote controlsandwireless inBox buttons, without using WiFi. In addition, the module is equipped with signal lights, which allow easy installation and configuration of the device.

GateBoxPro controller configuration

In order to configure the device you need to connect to the wireless network of the device named "gateBoxPro-xxxxxxxxxx" where"xxxxxxxx" is the serial number of the device,then using the AndroidPlaystoreor AppStoreyou need todownloadthe wBox - control everything application. Afterstarting the applicationyou will see the device on the top of the screen, next to the name there will be a "+" sign. In order to pre-configure the device, click on the default device name.

Aplikacja wBox

The configuration can also be done via the website. To do so, connect to the device's wireless network, then just start a web browser and enter the IP address of the device: configuration page will appear, where you need to select your home WiFi network and enter the access password.

Schemat podłączenia

Diagrams of connecting the controller to GateBoxPro gates.

Specification of the gateway controller BleBox GateBoxPro

Supply voltage 12 V to 24 V AC / DC
Power consumption Up to 1 W
Average current consumption 50 mA
Maximum current consumption 250 mA
Number of outputs 2
Type of outputs Open collector, impulse
Maximum load on the outputs 20 mA
Galvanic separation of inputs / outputs Yes
Number of entrances 2
Type of inputs Logical
Polarization of inputs Automatically detected
Aerial output Yes
Antenna output type RP-SMA


5 dB gain

Frequency of transmission 2.4 GHz
Communication standard

µWiFi, WiFi compatible

802.11 g

API Open
Type of transmission Bi-directional, encrypted
Encryption WPA2-PSK and authenticated encryption (AEAD)
Mode of operation

Direct connection (Access Point),

WiFi connection through a router,

connection from anywhere in the world (only internet access required)

Compatible devices and systems

Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, iPad Mini, Android,

computers and mobile devices supporting HTML5


Plastic, flooded with halogen-free polyurethane composition

self-extinguishing thermal class B (130°C)

Degree of protection IP54

Two 18 x 3 mm mounting holes or self-adhesive element (tape)


92 x 50 x 28 mm (without antenna)

230 x 85 x 28 (with the antenna vertically positioned)

Antenna length 197 mm

The set includes

  • Door control unit BleBox GateBoxPro
  • Antenna

Smart Home Gate controller
Package width 8.5 cm
Package height 5.5 cm
Package depth 19.5 cm
Package weight 0.125 kg

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BleBox GateBoxPro  - WiFi gates controller - Android / iOS app


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Great alternative to controlling a gate
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