Grove - 12-bit Magnetic Rotary Position Sensor / Encoder (AS5600)

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The module is equipped with AS5600 magnetic encoder with 12-bit resolution. It has greater accuracy, is non-contact and has no angle limitation, unlike a traditional potentiometer. The board has a Grove connector for simple connection to the BaseShield cover. It works with a voltage of 3.3 V or 5 V.

Grove - 12-bit Magnetic Rotary Position Sensor / Encoder (AS5600)
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Manufacturer: Seeedstudio
Compatibility: Arduino

Product description: Grove - 12-bit magnetic encoder AS5600 - Seeedstudio 101020692.

Module with programmable12-bitmagnetic encodercircuitry. It can act as a magnetic encoder or magnetic potentiometer. Unlike a traditional potentiometer, the AS5600 has greater precision, is non-contact and has no rotation limit. It is ideal for projects requiring non-contact angle measurement, such as robot arms.

Comparison of traditional and magnetic encoder

The AS5600 magnetic encoder has a programmable12-bitresolution. It can work as a magnetic potentiometer or encoder. Unlike a traditional encoder/ potentiometer, the AS5600 is: high-precision, non-contact, no angle limit.

Porównanie tradycyjnego i magnetycznego enkoderaEncoder comparison.

Hall effect

TheAS5600's built-inHall sensorcan detect changes in magnetic field direction and has no angle limit. Magnetic field direction information is amplified by a built-in 12-bit A/D converter, the AS5600 can send4096 positions per revolution.The sensor communicates via I2C, the data type can be selected at the output (OUT pin): RAW or PWM / analog waveform. The maximum angle can be programmed, the maximum angle can be set between 18° and 360°, which means the angle measurement accuracy is up to 18/4096.

Pomiar kąta obrotuAngle measurement by sensor.


The AS5600 has certain requirements for magnetic field measurement. Use a magnet with similar dimensions to the system. Measure as close to the magnetic field as possible and align the centre of the sensor with the centre of the magnetic field. The vertical distance between the sensor and the magnet should be between 0.5 mm and 3 mm.

Odległość między czujnikiem, a magnesemThe distance between the sensor and the magnet.

Main features of the AS5600 sensor

  • Non-contact, no angle of rotation limitation
  • 12-bit resolution, 4096 items per revolution
  • Grove I2C, PWM / analog output
  • Maximum programmable angle from 18° to 360°

AS5600 module outputs

The module communicates through the I2C interface, the built-in Grove connector allows you to easily connect it to the Base Shieldand Arduinooverlay.

Wyprowadzenia enkodera magnetycznego AS5600Magnetic encoder specification AS5600

  • Power supply voltage: 3.3 V or 5 V
  • Input current: up to 100 mA
  • Angle range: maximum programmable angle range from 18° to 360°
  • Output: analogue / PWM
  • Interface: I2C - default address 0x36
  • Output resolution: 12-bit DAC
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to 125°C
  • Dimensions: 40 x 20 mm

Sensor - type encoder
Package width 5.2 cm
Package height 8.8 cm
Package depth 0.8 cm
Package weight 0.009 kg

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Grove - 12-bit Magnetic Rotary Position Sensor / Encoder (AS5600)


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