Electro-Fashion conductive thread, 50 yards/ 45m - Kitronik 2722

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Spool of Kitronik Electro-Fashion conductive thread , 45 m long. Enables creation of intelligent clothing projects. The thread can be sewn by hand or with a sewing machine. It is covered with a thin layer of silver, so it is able to conduct electricity.

Electro-Fashion conductive thread, 50 yards/ 45m - Kitronik 2722
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Manufacturer: Kitronik

Description: Kitronik - Electro-Fashion - 45 m conductive thread.

Kitronik'sElectro-Fashion 45 m long conductive threadisthe ideal solution for those who want to create intelligent clothing designs. The thread can be used forhand and machinesewing (after previous winding on the appropriate spool). The length of the thread is 45 m.

Nić przewodząca KitronikSpool of Kitronik conductive thread.

Making conductive threads

The thread consists of approximately 96 individual fibres covered with amicron layer of silver.The 16 individual fibres make up the basic weave, which is then combined into pairs. Three such pairs are woven into a final thread with a breaking strength ofapproximately 4,2 kg.The resistance of the thread ranges from 40 Ω to160 Ω per metre.

Additional materials
The manufacturer providesadditional materialsrelated to intelligent clothing designs.

Specification of conductive thread

  • Breaking strength: 4.2 kg
  • dTex: 875 (10 km of thread weighs 875 g)
  • Extension at break: 37%
  • Strength: 30 N
  • Weave: 240Z-380S

Package width 1.8 cm
Package height 10 cm
Package depth 1.8 cm
Package weight 0.011 kg

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Electro-Fashion conductive thread, 50 yards/ 45m - Kitronik 2722


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