Car rodent repeller with radar - Viano OS4

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We offer high quality rodent repellents. It is a device with two buzzers, which emit ultrasounds unpleasant to any rodent. The buzzer is designed to be mounted under the hood of a car. In addition, it is equipped with a motion sensor (radar), which after detecting the slightest change activates an LED that emits a series of stroboscopic flashes to repel pests.

Car rodent repeller with radar - Viano OS4
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Manufacturer: Viano

Product description: Car rodent repellent with radar - Viano OS4

We offer high quality rodentrepellents. It is a device with twobuzzers, which emit ultrasounds unpleasant to any rodent. The buzzer is designed to be mounted under the hood of a car. In addition, it is equipped witha motion sensor(radar), which after detecting the slightest change activates anLEDthat emits a series of stroboscopic flashes to repel pests. Placing the device in the vicinity of the engine and most sensitive components provides the greatest possible safety and additionally effectively allows the soundwavesto spread around the vehicle. This allows animals to hear the deterrent signals from up to200 metresaway.

Radarowy odstraszacz Viano OS4

The Viano OS4 radar deterrent.

Small creatures - a serious danger

Common mice, martens or weasels in Europe maypose a serious threatto unprepared vehicles and, consequently, to people who will use them. Rodents in cars often look for a source of warmth in winter, looking for a place for a new lair or simply attracted by the smell, looking for new sources of food. When they get under the hood or into the cabin, when they meet an obstacle in their way,they bite through it.

This can be, for example, engine oilhoses, refrigeranthosesor electronicscables, while inside the car it can be upholstery, an armchair, a piece of floor or objects left behind. Repairing such damage often generateshigh costsand problems. It is worth noting, however, that unfortunately, damage to parts of the equipment can even threaten the health and life of vehicle users. If a rodent damages abrake pipe, for example-the driver without knowing anything, can move off and cause an accident on the road. It is worth protecting yourself against such eventualities.

Odstraszacz posiada trzy diody LED emitujące błyski stroboskopowe.

The dehumidifier has threeLEDsthat emit stroboscopic flashes.

Duster frequencies

The device uses a system that constantlychangesthe height of the emitted waves-this prevents any "getting used to" animals that would like to reach the vehicle. The device has been designed in such a way as to discourage any rodents and pests, while not harmingyour pets. If you have a dog or cat,they will not be exposedto unpleasant frequencies, as the range of waves emitted only affects the vermin.

It's also worth noting that the device is an excellent alternative to the methods used in the past when humans had to deal with animals. Setting a trap has often been much less effective and, above all, has caused suffering and death to animals. Today's technologies make it possible to avoid the use of violence and, above all, achieve much higher efficiency.

Często zmieniająca się częstotliwość sprawia, że gryzonie nie będą mogły się przyzwyczaić do generowane ultradźwięku.

The often changing frequency means that rodents will not be able to get used to the ultrasound generated.

Easy and quick installation

No specialist knowledge or skills are required to install the device.The dehumidifieris equipped with two wires, at the ends of which there areringconnectors prepared for connection to the carbatteryclamps. The entire operation may take a few minutes at most.

Odstraszacz zasilany jest bezpośrednio z akumulatora samochodu.

The dehumidifier is powered directly from the car battery.

Mount it and forget

The offered horn is constructed in such a way that after installing it you can forget about both the danger of rodents and the device itself.The deaeratorstartsautomaticallywhen the engine is finished and switches off when you turn the key in the ignition.

Dzięki uszom montażowym, instalacja urządzenia jest bardzo prosta.

Thanks to the mounting ears the installation of the device is very easy.

Adapted to difficult conditions

It is also worth mentioning that the device made by Viano company is perfectly adapted to the prevailing conditions in Europe. The whole is based on a high quality system based ontransistors, which are adapted to work in both very low and very hightemperatures, whichwe can experience throughout the country. This is a much better solution compared to, for example, a solution in which management would be carried out by means of a delicate microprocessor system.

Technical specification:

  • Power supply: 12 V
  • Power consumption: 15 mA
  • Flash power consumption: 5 mA
  • Radar motion detector: 2 m
  • Angle of ultrasound emission: up to 120°
  • Ultrasonic range: up to 200 metres
  • Operating temperature: from -30° to 70°
  • Dimensions: 85 x 65 x 36 mm

Voltage to 12.0 V
Voltage from 12.0 V
Package width 8.5 cm
Package height 4 cm
Package depth 12.5 cm
Package weight 0.126 kg

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Car rodent repeller with radar - Viano OS4


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josef 26.02.2024 Confirmed purchase Translated review
Slawomir 01.02.2024 Confirmed purchase Translated review
Everything great
Tomáš 28.04.2023 Confirmed purchase Translated review
Well, I had two before this one. I removed them and replaced them with this Polish one with a variable frequency (can be heard by human hearing) and it seems to be the best one I've had so far. I live in an area where there is a lot of mink, and so far they haven't been in the engine. This rodent repellent seems to have worked for them.
Marek S. 29.05.2022 Confirmed purchase Translated review
Robust construction.
Pavao 28.08.2023 Confirmed purchase
Karel 23.10.2023 Confirmed purchase
Dušan 19.06.2023 Confirmed purchase
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