BleBox DimmerBox v2 - driver of the light 230V WiFi - Androi/iOS app

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A ready-made, compact module that allows you to control 230 V lighting of up to 200 W through a WiFi network using applications for mobile devices from anywhere in the world. The v2 version was designed to place the controller in an electrical box without any problems and has smaller dimensions than the previous version.

BleBox DimmerBox v2 - driver of the light 230V WiFi - Androi/iOS app
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Manufacturer: BleBox

Description: BleBox DimmerBox v2 - 230 V WiFi lighting controller - Android/iOS application.

A compact, ready-made module that allows you to control230 Vlighting with up to200 W, viaWiFinetwork using mobile applicationsfrom anywhere in the world. From the application level, the lighting can be switched on and off, and the brightness of the light sources can be controlled. With the DimmerBox controller it is possible to controlLED lighting(marked as dimmable), incandescent, halogen and low-voltagelightingusing electronic transformers. Version v2 was created for trouble-free placement of the controller in the electrical box, has smaller dimensions in comparison to the previous version. BleBox DimmerBox v2 is equipped witha number of protections, such as: against too high voltage, overload or overheating, and also has a "fuse" that will switch off the device in the event of burning the bulb, after removing the fault, the application must "replace the fuse". In addition, for complete safety, the controller is enclosed in a non-flammable housing.

Sterownik oświetlenia BleBox DimmerBoxLighting controller BleBox DimmerBox v2.

The module is equipped with screw connectors for easy installation of cables.

Schemat podłączenia sterownika DimmerBox

Wiring diagram of the BleBox DimmerBox v2 lighting controller.

Wiring diagram of BleBox DimmerBox v2.

Before installing the DimmerBox BleBox controller, disconnect the power supply in the circuit in which it will be installed. The controller should be placed in a place protected against external conditions and protected against access by third parties.
The module is equipped with screw connectors, to which the cables should be connected using a screwdriver:

  • IN- connectors for connecting an external switch.
  • O- voltage output for lighting.
  • N- power supply, neutral cable.
  • L- power supply, phase wire.

BleBox DimmerBox v2 controller configuration

In order to configure the BleBox DimmerBox v2 driver, download the wBox application for Android or iOS devices and then connect to the driver's network called "dimmerBox-xxxxxxxxxx", where "xxxxxxxxxx" is the serial number of the device. After starting the application, you will see the device at the top of the screen, next to the name there will be a "+" sign. To pre-configure the device, click on its default name.
The configuration can also be done through a web browser using HTML5. To do so, enter in the address bar the IP number of the device that was assigned to it by DHCP, e.g.

BleBox DimmerBox v2 driver specification

Supply voltage 230 V AC
Energy consumption up to 1 W
Type of outputs dimming
Types of lighting 230 V AC Dimmable LED, Incandescent/Halogen, Electronic Low-voltage (ELV)
Maximum intensity per channel 1 A
Maximum intensity (total) 1 A
Maximum load 200 W
Number of entrances 2
Type of inputs logical, contained in the N
Maximum input voltage 230 V AC
Galvanic separation No
Communication μWiFi, WiFi compatible
Frequency of transmission 2.4 GHz
Communication mode Direct connection (as Access Point), WiFi connection via standard router, connection with access from anywhere in the world (only Internet access required
Dimming mode trailing edge
Case made of polyurethane composition without halogens, self-extinguishing for thermal class B (130°C)
Leakage class IP20
Installation in a wiring box, under the button, in the device housing
Safeguards increased voltage, overload, overheating
Broadcast bi-directional with confirmation, encrypted
Compatible devices Android and iOS devices, as well as HTML5 support devices
Dimensions 48 x 38 x 23 mm
Smart Home Lighting controller
Communication WiFi
Package width 4 cm
Package height 5 cm
Package depth 3 cm
Package weight 0.04 kg

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BleBox DimmerBox v2 - driver of the light 230V WiFi - Androi/iOS app


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Dawid S. 10.12.2021 Confirmed purchase Translated review
Good product, but the Simon 54 go product has appeared on the market, the same dimmer but already built into the switch! If I knew it early, I would order a switch with an already built-in blebox

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