Sharp GP2Y0A51SK0F - analog distance sensor 2-15cm - Pololu 2450

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Analog distance sensor (rangefinder) Sharp GP2Y0A41SK0F to detect objects in the range of 2 to 15 cm.

Sharp GP2Y0A51SK0F - analog distance sensor 2-15cm - Pololu 2450
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Manufacturer: Pololu
Compatibility: Arduino

Analogowy, optyczny czujnik odległości SharpSpecification

  • Measurement range is from 2 to 15 cm
  • Supply voltage 4,5 V to 5,5 V
  • Average current consumption 12 mA
  • Refresh frequency: 60 Hz
  • Output: voltage-analog signal
  • Type of case: 27 x 13,2 x 14,2 mm
  • Weight: 2,7 g



The sensor can detect objects at a distance of from 2 to 15 cm. The output is analog signal whose value depends on the distance between the detected object and the sensor. The closer the object is, the voltage at the output will be higher.



Czujnik Sharp



The product is compatible with Arduino

The sensor's output should be connected to any analog pin, the measurement is done using the function analogRead(sensorPin);. Example of the project with code can be found on the bildr website



The sensor has three pins ended with the slot, pitch of 1 mm (at the moment, we don't have a compatible plug). The wires can also be soldered directly to pads. Looking at the front of the sensor, from left to right:

  • power- Vcc (voltage from 4.5 to 5.5 V),
  • mass- GND
  • the analog output signal - Vo, the value of which depends on the distance between the sensor and the detected object.


Sharp analogowy czujnik odległości

Output voltage

The output is analog voltage signal depending on the distance at which the object is detected, in accordance with the diagram:

Sharp GP2Y0A51SK0F - wykres



The other optical distance sensors

In our store available are versions of analog sensors that detect objects in the range of:4-30 cm,10-80 cm,20-150 cmand digital sensors that detect objects in the field of view of:5 cm,10 cmand40 cm.


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In our offer, you will find alsoa special cablefor connecting the sensor with any device.

Czujnik odległości Sharp z przewodem

Cable in combination with a sensor. The subject of the sale is the sensor, the cable can be purchased separately.



Voltage to 4.5 V
Voltage from 5.5 V
Interface analog
Sensor - distance to 15 cm
Sensor - distance from 2.0 cm
Package width 7.5 cm
Package height 8.5 cm
Package depth 1.3 cm
Package weight 0.004 kg

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Sharp GP2Y0A51SK0F - analog distance sensor 2-15cm - Pololu 2450


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