ACS712 current sensor - 20A

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ACS712 current sensor module. It allows you to measure current from 0 A to 20 A both AC and DC, based on the Hall effect. The sensitivity of the system is 100 mV/A. Powered by 5V.

ACS712 current sensor - 20A
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Manufacturer: OpenPlatform

Product description: ACS712 current sensor - 20 A

ACS712 current sensor module. It allows you to measure current from 0 A to 20 A both AC and DC , based on the Hall effect. The sensitivity of the system is 100 mV/A . Powered by 5 V.

ACS712 current sensor

ACS712 current sensor - 20 A

Example of connecting the ACS712 sensor

Connection example.

Connecting the module with the current sensor

The device has a 4-pin connector. The output signal can be connected to the analog input of the Arduino module . The load source and ground must be connected to the screw connections.

  1. Computer
  2. DC powered
  3. Potentiometer 10 Ohm (set to 3.16A)
  4. ACS712 module
  5. MingHe B3603 Step Down (constant current and voltage supply)
Pin Description
VCC Module power supply 5V.
OUT Analog output.
GND System weight.

Reed switch module specification

  • Supply voltage: 5V
  • Chip: ACS712ELC-20A
  • Connector: analog
  • Measuring range: 0 A to 20 A
  • Sensitivity: 100mV/A
  • Dimensions: 30x15mm
  • Weight: 3g

Current sensor ACS712 - 20A

The ACS712 module is a current value sensor that allows you to quickly perform measurements. The device enables measurements with the system sensitivity of 100 mV/A in the range from 0 A to 20 A.

The equipment is equipped with a special connector with four pins, which should be connected to the analog input of, for example, Raspberry Pi or Arduino.

Current sensor based on the Hall effect

The device works using the physical phenomenon of the Hall effect. In order to obtain correct measurements, it is necessary to connect the cable with the load and ground to the prepared screw connections.

Before buying, it is worth reading the detailed documentation provided by the manufacturer below. The module can be used both for didactic purposes and as part of projects carried out by experienced electronics engineers.

Package width 2.5 cm
Package height 4 cm
Package depth 1.4 cm
Package weight 0.004 kg

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ACS712 current sensor - 20A


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Marcin 20.05.2024 Confirmed purchase Translated review
As I expected, it reproduces the flowing current quite well. In my case, I use heaters to measure the current
Radosław 30.04.2024 Confirmed purchase Translated review
I haven't tested it yet but I know it works 👍️
Adam 28.11.2022 Confirmed purchase Translated review
The module is made correctly, works without any problems. Useful where you need to quickly measure the current ...
Marcin W. 29.06.2021 Confirmed purchase Translated review
Conforms to the description, works without any problems and meets my expectations.
Andrzej 25.10.2022 Confirmed purchase

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