Non-contact Liquid Level Sensor - DFRobot - SEN0370

Index: DFR-19202 EAN: 6959420917709
Non-contact liquid level sensor equipped with status indicator and sensitivity adjustment. Its main application is liquid level measurement in all kinds of non-metallic pipes with small external diameter (up to 10 mm).
Non-contact Liquid Level Sensor - DFRobot - SEN0370
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DFRobot non-contact liquid level sensor - container diameter:
Manufacturer: DFRobot
Compatibility: Arduino

Product description: Non-contact liquid level sensor - digital - DFRobot SEN0370

Manufactured byDFRobotnon-contact liquid level sensor equipped with status indicator and sensitivity adjustment. Its main application is liquid level detection in all kinds ofnon-metallic pipes with an external diameter of up to 10 mm. The device allows real time transmission of sensor status information. It also comes with a 4-pin sensor adapter, which allows you to directly transfer the signal from the sensor to e.g. a microcontroller.Arduinoor other microcontroller. With this liquid sensor and its wide application, it is possible to detect liquid in water dispensers, small tubes and perfusion tubes. The liquid level sensor is developed based on advanced signal processing technology using high performance circuitry. The sensor measurement is not affected by container wall thickness or contamination and the presence of acids and alkalis.

Bezkontaktowy czujnik poziomu cieczy - cyfrowy - DFRobot SEN0370

Non-contact liquid level sensor -digital - DFRobot SEN0370

Schemat połączenia czujnika z Arduino.Connection diagram of sensor with Arduino.
Number Pin Description
1 (left, brown) VOUT Liquid sensor power supply 5 V to 24 V
2 (left, blue) GND GND
3 (left, black) IO1 Liquid front/rear sensor output
4 (left, yellow) IO2 Liquid level sensor signal output
1 (right, red) VIN Power supply
2 (right, black) GND GND
3 (right, blue) IO1 Sensor output forward/reverse
4 (right, green) IO2 Liquid level signal output

Product compatible withArduino

In theuser guideyou will find useful information like sensor pinouts and sample code.

Specification for non-contact liquid level sensor

  • Power supply: 5 V to 24 V
  • Response time: 500 ms
  • Operating temperature: from -5°C to 105°C
  • Suitable pipe diameter: up to 10 mm
  • Liquid level error: ± 1.5 mm
  • Material: ABS
  • Waterproof: IP65
Zasilany napięciem w zakresie od 5 do 12 V.

Powered from 5V to 24V.

Na zdjęciu widoczny skład zestawu.The picture shows the composition of the set.

The set includes

  • Level sensorsmall diameter x1
  • Gravity: 4-pin sensor adapter x1
  • Screwdriver x1

Package width 8 cm
Package height 2.5 cm
Package depth 12 cm
Package weight 0.034 kg

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Non-contact Liquid Level Sensor - DFRobot - SEN0370


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