Grove Creator Kit - Alpha - set of 20 Grove modules to Arduino

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The set consists of 20 modules and a set of cables with Grove interface. The set can be used by anyone regardless of age or level of sophistication. Each module included in the set works with Arduino and Arduino compliant boards. The set also includes a user guide with sample projects and programs.

Grove Creator Kit - Alpha - set of 20 Grove modules to Arduino
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Compatibility: Arduino

Product description: Grove Creator Kit - α - 20 Grove modules for Arduino

A set consisting of 20 modules and aset of cables withGrove interface. Each module included in the setworks with Arduino andArduinocompatibletiles using the appropriate Grove Base Shield (not included in the set).The set also includesa user guide withsample projects and programs.

Grove Creator KitThe content of the set has been closed in a convenient container.


The set does not include ArduinoandBase Shield overlay.They can be purchased separately in our shop.

Base Shield overlay is not required, but it makes it easier to use the modules.

Grove system

Grove is a4-pin interface forconnecting modules with a base platefor Arduino or RaspberryPi. The Grove system ensures fast andsafe connection ofmodules with a dedicated cable without fear of badconnection of the base plate with the overlay. There is no need tosolder oruse acontactplatetocreate designs.The mounting method resemblesLegoblocks.Whenusing modules with this interface, a suitable cableand Seeeduino main boardor Base Shield overlayfor Arduinoare required.

Main features of the Creator Kit

  • Compatibility with Arduino Uno
  • Rich handbook
  • Handy organizer
  • Numerous examples and guides
  • Perfect for a gift
  • No soldering required

The main advantage of the Grove system is the unification of connectors. This means that if you find that there are not enough modules in the set, you can choose from a wide range of Grove sensors of your choiceand connect it tothe base plate using dedicated Grove cables.

20 Grove modules kit - Creator Kit α.

Compatible withArduino, RaspberryPi andmicro:bit.

A user guide for Arduino users is included, but the modules also work with other platforms.

User's guide

The set also comes with a rich instructional and sample code guide in the form of over 100 pages of book. It will guide you through the whole Arduino IDE installation process and show you how to connect and program the module.

Przewodnik użytkownika Grove Creator Kit

Grove Creator Kit user guide.

The manual is also available inPolishfor download.

Set contents

There are 20 elements in the set, the description of individual modules is available in the table.

L.p. Photo Description
1 Analogowy czujnik temperatury NTC NTC analog temperature sensor- analogsensor compatible with Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Powered from 3.3 V to 5 V. Can measure temperature from -40 °C to 125 °C with an accuracy of 1,5 °C.
2 Moduł z diodą LED Slide switch module- a moduleequipped with a slide switch. Powered from 3.3 V to 5 V.

Potencjometr obrotowy

10kΩ linear rotary potentiometer - top connector -10linear rotarypotentiometer. It has a rotation range of300°.
4 Thumb Joystick z przyciskiem Thumb Joystick with push-button - a module with a board- a moduleequipped with a joystick similar to analog devices used e.g. in game controllers. It has the ability to detect movements in two directions and a button, activated by pressing the knob.
5 Czujnik dźwięku LM386 LM386 sound sensor- modulebased on LM386 chip and electret microphone. It can be powered from 4 V to 12 V.
6 Czujnik temperatury i wilgotności DHT11 DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor- cDHT11 air temperature and humidity sensor. The outputis a digital signal. The measuring rangefor temperature is from 0°Cup to 50°C and humidity between 20% and 90% RH.
7 Moduł przekaźnika v1.2 Relay module v1.2-allows to control actuators by cutting off or supplying power. For proper operation it requires a 5 V power supply and a digital control signal supply.
8 Przewody połączeniowe Grove Multi-coloured LED- a module with an LED that can emit light in many applause.
9 Czujnik pochylenia Tilt sensor- simple tilt sensor with digital output. It is powered from 3.3 V to 5 V.
10 LM358 czujnik natężenia światła otoczenia LM358 ambient light intensity sensor v1.2- the sensorallows to detect the light intensity and reflects the analog voltage signal back to Arduino. The light range is from 1 lux to 350 lux. Power supply voltage is 5 V.
11 Moduł z diodą RGB RGB LED v2.0 - a module with RGB diode-allows you to control the RGB diode using digital pins of the microcontroller.
12 Czujnik opadów / wody Precipitation/water sensor -a sensorused to detect the presence of water or its quantity. It is powered by 5 V.
13 Przewody połączeniowe Grove SW-420 Vibration sensor- whenthe sensor is at standstill, the output is given a constant high signal and changes to low when vibration is detected. The sensitivity can be adjusted by means of a potentiometer located on the board.
14 Przewody połączeniowe Grove Module with active buzzer- the moduleemitsa steady tone when the high state is given. When using the PWM, it can generate various sounds and effects.
15 Czujnik odbiciowy RS-06WD reflective sensor v1.1- moduleequipped with RS-06WD reflective sensor.Itconsistsofan infrared light emitting diode and a high-sensitivity phototransistor. It is powered by 5 V.
16 Przewody połączeniowe Grove Magnetic switch- the sensorcan be activated by means of an electromagnet or permanent magnet.Powered by 5 V.
17 Moduł z przyciskiem Push button module-has a built-in tact-switch and pull-down resistor.
18 Moduł z niebieską diodą LED Module with blue LED- modulewith blue LED. The LED starts to light up when the signal pin is switched to high. In addition, a potentiometer to control the LED brightness has been placed on the board.
19 Dioda LED czerwona Module with red LED- the LED starts to light up when the signal pin is switched to high. Additionally, a potentiometer to control the brightness of the diode has been placed on the board.
20 Dioda LED zielona Module with green LED- module with green LED. The LED starts to light up when the signal pin is switched to high. In addition, a potentiometer to control the LED brightness has been placed on the board.
21 Przewody połączeniowe Grove Grove cable set -cables terminated with Grove - Grove plug, Grove - female cable and Grove - male cable.
22 Przewodnik użytkownika User guide - a manual with sample connection diagrams and programs.

We also recommend other sensors and modules from the Grove series.


The manufacturer also provides video guides in English version.

Package width 20.2 cm
Package height 6.6 cm
Package depth 15.1 cm
Package weight 0.408 kg

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