Grove - BMP280 - Pressure and temperature sensor I2C/SPI

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Pressure and temperature sensor, model BMP280, Grove. Used to measure atmospheric pressure and ambient temperature. It is compatible with Arduino. It has a small size, consumes little energy, is very easy to install and use.

Grove - BMP280 - Pressure and temperature sensor I2C/SPI
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Manufacturer: Seeedstudio
Compatibility: Arduino

Product description: Pressure and temperature sensor BMP280

The pressure sensoris a module for a precision digital barometer that can be used to measuretemperature andatmosphericpressure.It is compatible with Arduino and connectsto itvia the I2C bus. BMP280 is an improved version of BMP180. The BMP280 sensor now has a smaller surface area, consumes less energy and measures much more accurately. TheSPIinterface allows more measurement modes. The module is veryeasy to connectand use, just connect the sensor with Arduino board using Grove cable. Examples of codes are given below in the library.

Grove czujnik ciśnienia i temperatury BMP280Grove - pressure and temperature sensor BMP280.

Downloads . Description


5 V power supply for the system


GND Weight


I2C data line
SCL Clock line I2C

A product compatible withArduino.

The manufacturer has prepared a libraryforArduino users.

Features of BMP280 sensor

  • High measuring accuracy of temperature± 1,0°C andpressure ± 1,0 hPa
  • Easy to use I2C interface compatible with Grove
  • Supports I2C and SPI bus
  • Can be used as an altimeter with an accuracy of ± 1 m
  • It has a wide measuring range (from 300 hPa to 1100 hPa)
  • Small in size

Pressure and temperature sensor specification BMP280

Name Description
Input voltage

3.3 V or 5 V

Working current

0.6 mA

Wide measurement range From 300 hPa to 1100 hPa
Operating temperature From -40°C to 85°C
Accuracy of temperature measurement ±1,0°C
Measuring modes Forced or periodic
Sampling rate possible 182 Hz
I2C address 0 x 77 or 0 x 76
Input interface I2C, SPI
Dimensions 40 mm x 20 mm


  • Pressure and temperature sensor BMP280

  • Female to female, 4-pin cable, 20 cm long

Sensor - type pressure
Package width 9 cm
Package height 1.5 cm
Package depth 12 cm
Package weight 0.09 kg

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Grove - BMP280 - Pressure and temperature sensor I2C/SPI


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