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DFRobot HCR - 3-level Robot Platform with Sensors and DC Motor Drive

Universal platform with two wheels and three levels. It has two DC motors, two wheels, one omni wheel, and metal elements.
Index: DFR-06623
Index: DFR-06623
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Computer on a micro scale...

Heart module Intel Edison is a powerful, dual-core Intel Atom processor, manufactured on 22 nm technology. On Board the tiny tiles with a size of 35.5 x 25 mm there was a place for the wireless module (wi-fi + Bluetooth LE) with an SMD antenna and connector for external antenna. Connection to target system provides a 70-pin connector, offering access to more than 30 lines of input/output (GPIO). Intel Edison supports a wide range of operating systems, programming languages and environments of development projects, including the Yocto Linux, Arduino, Python, Node.js and package Wolfram.

Modules Intel Galileo

Kits Intel Galileo second-generation plant equipped with the Intel Quark X1000 processor with a clock frequency equal to 400 MHz, running from on-Board DDR3 memory with capacity of 256 MB. On the Board found a number of connectors, including USB, Mini-PCI Express, Ethernet, and power connector DC, and SD card slot. Nodding towards makerów are slots, compatible with Arduino shieldami layout has 12 GPIOs for any programming. The size of the tiles (without protruding over the edges of parts of connectors) are 123,8 x 72 mm.

The versatility and high computational power

Modules Intel Edison, Intel Galileo is an interesting combination of high computing power, which are required productive CPU, known from large industrial computers and netbooks and versatility provided by a number of GPIOs. It is not surprising that modules Intel waited for the number of sets of ratings, and overlap. They expand possibilities of minicomputers additional sensors or communication interfaces, thus making this solution attractive to a wider audience.