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Intel starter kits

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DFRobot HCR - 3-level Robot Platform with Sensors and DC Motor Drive

Universal platform with two wheels and three levels. It has two DC motors, two wheels, one omni wheel, and metal elements.
Index: DFR-06623
Index: DFR-06623
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Intel Joule and DFRobot extending modules

One of the phenomenal designs from the Intel brand is Intel Joule. It is in fact a multitasking, very advanced Internet of Things platform, which is technologically based on a solid quad-core processor from the Intel Atom series.

The Intel platform has built-in RAM and eMMC memories. It is equipped with a number of communication modules, including the WiFi Dual Band module and Bluetooth 4.1. On board the hardware we will also see the Intel HD Graphics coprocessor and a number of GPIO ports. Intel has also created official starter kits that include Intel Joule with many additional accessories.

Intel Joule is a phenomenal solution when it comes to the ratio between price and possibilities. Nevertheless, an advanced system requires some knowledge to operate it. Therefore - in order to facilitate work with this advanced system - the well-known leader of the robot industry, DFRobot, introduced a dedicated overlay. The additional module from DFRobot contains a number of connectors, thanks to which technical work such as connecting cables will be much easier. From now on, the colors allow you to easily distinguish individual gold pins and significantly simplify the connection of external modules. Of course, this is just the beginning of what the overlay offers. First of all, this type of overlay is sold with a lot of different types of sensors. Users will have no problem with DIY projects that require measuring temperature, rotation, flames, motion, angles or electroacoustic waves. The users also receive from DFRobot many important executive elements for the entire functionality, such as relays and servos. The kits also include operating parts and input / output components (keyboard, buzzer, LED module), as well as many additional accessories. This makes getting started with Intel Joule easier and more fun.

Starter kits for Intel Edison

Intel Edison minicomputers are advanced IoT modules, and like Intel Joule, they are equipped with efficient Intel Atom processors and wireless communication modules (WiFi / Bluetooth). The starter kits for Intel Edison include not only the Intel motherboard, but also a number of additional electronics. These kits have been prepared especially for Intel Edison modules by the well-known SparkFun company. First of all, the user now receives an expansion module that allows for full Intel Edison compatibility with all Arduino Shields. Given the number and advancement of all Arduino modules, Intel Edison has a lot to gain from this solution. In addition, the Edison kit also includes many components and useful electronic components such as a contact plate, power supply, display, sensors, wires, diodes, input / output devices, resistors and many more.

What will be next?

On June 19, 2017, Intel officially reported discontinuation from Intel Edison modules (same as many other boards, e.g. Intel Galileo). What has survived to these times, is the community as well as technology. Still, these types of modules are used by many users. They are distinguished by a great price / quality ratio, they are relatively easy to use, and thanks to additional modules such as those described above, they gain much more possibilities (integration with Arduino). They are definitely worth trying, especially since they do not cost much, and you can learn from them and develop your electronic and programming skills.

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