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DJI Inspire drones

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DJI Inspire 2 Craft

DJI Inspire 2 has a new recording system that is able to record movies in 5.2 K. The drone accelerates in 5 seconds from 0 to 80 km/h and has a maximum speed of 94 km/h. The...
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Index: INN-15373
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DJI Inspire – advanced drones for professionals

The manufacturer DJI specializes in modern quadcopters available in several series, such as Mavic, Phantom and Inspire. The latter includes the most advanced machines that are used not only for recreational purposes, but also professionally. Inspires are intended for advanced professionals who want to obtain the best visual effects (films, photos), as well as the possibility of experimenting during the flight. The machines are equipped with a number of modern sensors, which means that they are eagerly used by medics, the police and special services. On the other hand, the DJI Inspire can be a great gift for someone who has no experience in driving a drone yet. Controlling such a giant may seem like a big challenge, but on the other hand, despite so many technical possibilities, the DJI Inspire drones are simple and intuitive to use. Thanks to them, you can easily record your area on the film, and if you buy additional goggles, you will take a realistic bird's-eye journey.

The DJI Inspire drones are certainly advanced flying machines for professionals who count on high resolution, stable images and the possibility of experimenting with human resources during the flight. Quadcopter Inspire is an advanced device dedicated to entrepreneurs, large companies, filmmakers and photographers. In fact, this construction is flawless. This is a real masterpiece of drones available on our market.

Highest quality image resolution and unforgettable experience

If you care about the highest quality images recorded during the flight, the DJI Inspire will certainly not disappoint you. The presented device is equipped with a sophisticated video transmission system that can operate on double frequency. We also have a two-channel streaming from the main camera and an additional FPW camera. It is much more than just an interesting design idea. This is an amazing advantage over the competition.

Professional use of DJI Inspire drones for video shooting requires good cooperation between the drone operator and the camera operator. In effect, however, we are dealing with a real masterpiece. The image is displayed in a resolution of up to 6K, and the new image processing system allows you to save the image at a speed of up to 5.2K in RAW, CinemaDNG, Apple ProRes and many other formats. The DJI Inspire has two shooting modes - fast and complex. Machines have the ability to track the designated object in a stable way. What is more, thanks to the gimbal, the sharpness and stability of the image will be maintained even during irregular flight and in surges. The lens will rotate towards the object in the designated modes, regardless of the flight position.

The amazing technical capabilities of the DJI Inspire drones

The DJI Inspire quadcopter can reach a maximum speed of 108 km / h on a windless day and the speed of up to 94 km / h will be reached in 4 seconds from the moment of take-off. The descent speed is 9 m / s. DJI Inspire drones have been equipped with special double batteries, thanks to which these machines can work on a maximum charge of up to 30 minutes. When the drone is discharging, it will return to the owner itself, exactly to the place where it took off.

Flight autonomy has been improved, as well as the Spotlight Pro function, which allows you to create more complex shots even when only one person is controlling the drone. Inspire is able to recognize objects by size and shape and track them efficiently. It is difficult to find a better advanced drone today. If you are looking for the best, DJI Inspire is definitely for you!